April 13, 2015

Hanes Champion #AllGainNoPain Line

Compensation was provided by Champion via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Champion.

Champion All Gain, No Pain Line Spring 2015
Champion workout clothing has a new line out called the All Gain, No Pain line which is
new for Spring 2015. It has many new workout clothing styles for added comfort. Above
are my favorite styles from the line. They have workout tops, jackets, sports bras, capris and
more. It always feels awesome to have cute workout clothes to wear- I find it very motivating. If I do
not feel like exercising, sometimes putting on a fun outfit is enough to get me going.

To me, it is very important to wear comfortable workout clothing. There is nothing worse while
exercising than to have your clothes bother you. I like my clothes to be fitted but not too tight. My sports bra has to provide proper coverage but not squeeze my ribcage too much. These clothes have vapor fast dry technology, chafe resistant seams and ultra light fabric to make you feel comfortable.

I love the pink colors for spring in this line of clothes. I am so sick of grey and black right now 
(although those are usually some of favorite colors to wear) and I am ready to wear some fun, bright 

I used to never have to worry about chafing but when I was pregnant and everything grew, I 
experienced chafing at times and it was so irritating. Having clothing that helps to prevent chafing is 
wonderful. I love these clothes from Champion that I was sent. The jacket is very lightweight which will be perfect for the warmer temperatures. The top is loose which is nice if you do not like your clothes too tight. The capris are pretty tight and provide some compression, which I do like.

Something neat about Champion is that they want to celebrate #RealChampions and their stories.
These are real people and athletes who are working on their fitness journey and goals through
something that has helped to inspire them. 

Based on consumer insights, Champion has identified comfort as the key driver for athletic wear and
thus has created a line of innovative apparel engineered for added comfort.  “All Gain No Pain,” 
celebrates all you can do when you’ve got quality athletic apparel that feels light, dry, and comfortable.

Visit ChampionUSA.com/AllGainNoPain to learn more and follow @Champion on Facebook and 
@ChampionUSA on Twitter.  Use #AllGainNoPain  and/or #RealChampions to share your stories. 

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