April 12, 2015

Life's Little Stats Etsy Review

Life's Little Stats Etsy
There is nothing like the memory of when Adalyn was born! I will never forget that day. What is easy to forget is the stats such as the time and her weight and height when she was born. I was recently sent this awesome framed personalized baby stats.

This frame comes from Life's Little Stats on Etsy. I was able to easily send over Adalyn's information and got this beautiful frame made. What an amazing new baby gift this would make!

The framed art is going to be hung up in Adalyn's bedroom and the pink color matches with her pink and green nursery.

There are different designs that you can choose from and of course, you can personalize the colors as well.

The framed artwork is $32.00 and is great quality. I am very pleased with how my frame turned out.

Check out Life's Little Stats on Etsy for more information.

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