April 23, 2015

method Laundry Detergent- Get Stains Out!

4x concentrated laundry detergent
My husband and I are huge fans of method cleaning products. My favorite are their dish soap and glass and surface cleaner.

dish pump
The dish soap is very concentrated and I love the pink grapefruit scent. You use a lot less than you would with other soaps due to the concentrated formula. It cleans my dishes really well which is what matters! 

glass + surface cleaner
The glass and surface cleaner does an excellent job of getting toothpaste and whatever else off my my mirror in the bathroom. We also use it for getting dog nose prints off the windows- my little dachshunds love to be security guards for our home! I love the mint scent which is fresh and does not smell like chemicals.

method has a new laundry detergent that is 4x more concentrated than other detergents. I love having to use less detergent and appreciate the concentrated formula. It is tough on dirt and stains.

Beets are delicious but messy!

Let me tell you, before Adalyn starting eating solids, we never had much of a problem with stains on clothes. Sure, every so often I would spill something on myself but it wasn't everyday. Since Adalyn started eating solids, we have been having to spot-treat most of her clothes. She is so messy! Things that tend to get everywhere: pureed kale, pureed bell pepper soup, beets, etc. 

I was just talking to Troy about how we have to pay extra close attention to make sure that we get Adalyn's clothes clean or else they will be ruined after one use. This detergent from method will help!

The method detergent helps keep colors bright and whites white. We like to do the laundry with cold water to save money and energy and this product will work great with cold water which is a huge plus for us. The formula is biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

laundry detergent – 50 loads
The detergent can be used to pre-treat stains which we will be using it for. After dinner, it is usually crazy to look at Adalyn's clothes and wonder where all the mess came from! They also have an 8x concentrated formula to you just need a bit to clean your clothes. It also comes with a pump for ease of use.

The scents available are unique including ginger mango, beach sage and fresh clover, spring garden and free + clear with no fragrance. The bottles are made with 100% recycled materials and is recyclable!

If you want to try method, use the code THREEFORME for $3 off your online purchase of method products. Also, check out the Asos Hub for information about the Asos x method line.

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