April 24, 2015

What Dad Really Wants: Father's Day Gift Guide

I am so excited for Father's Day and Mother's Day this year because it will be Troy and I's first year celebrating. Becoming parents has been one of the best things to ever happen to us and I cannot wait to celebrate being parents. As we were walking by a jewelry store recently, I gently reminded Troy that Mother's Day is coming up and since Adalyn cannot buy things herself....
I am not 100% sure what I am doing for Troy for Father's Day yet but I want for it to be special and memorable and something that is totally him. When Troy finds a product that he likes, he will love it forever. These are some of the top things that I know that he would love to receive for Father's Day:

Timex® Men's EXPEDITION® Brown Leather Strap Watch #T46681
1. A good wristwatch: Many men love to wear a watch and Troy especially does because he is a teacher and does not like to have his phone out during class. My #1 requirement for a watch: it cannot be too loud! Troy recently had a watch that was so irritating that when Troy put his arm around me, I would have to ask him to take his watch off because it was ticking in my ear. 

2. Quality khakis: Troy is obsessed with knakis and barely wears jeans or anything else anymore. Recently, we started buying the wrinkle-free, slim-fit khakis and he always wants more. 

Product Details
3. Quality shoes: My husband always seems to be talking about shoes. For a guy, he has quite a shoe collection going. Boat style shoes are his favorite and we have been looking into getting some different ones.

4. Anything to support their interests: Whether the dad in your life likes fishing, golf, hunting, sports, video games, etc., buy them something that interests them. Above are a couple of the science gadgets that Troy had to have for the start of this school year. He is obsessed with rocks too so getting him a really neat rock or stone would make his Father's Day. 

My dad loves making his own wine and hunting so when it comes to buying for him, you can't go wrong with either of those themes. For my dad's birthday this past year, we bought him this crystal wine bottle clock to be hung in his wine making room. Anything that speaks directly to someone's interests is bound to go over well.

Droid Turbo Screen Assurance
5. DROID Turbo Sapphire Blue by Motorola- If the guy in your life needs a new phone, you may want to check out this phone by Motorola. It has up to a 48 hour battery which would be amazing. Our current phones are on low battery by about 7 PM each night after charging them all through the night. It has the newest, most powerful processor and a sharp display. I hate waiting for a phone to load and this one is known for its speed and performance. With the Motorola turbo charger, you can get 8 hours of power with only 15 minutes of charging!! It also has a water-repellent coating and corning gorilla glass that helps protect from scratches and is made with durable materials.

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