April 19, 2015

Nuby Baby Review

I am excited to have been chosen as a Nuby Parent Blogger! This means that I will be able to try Nuby products as they come out which is awesome since so far, we are big fans of the line of items.

The first product that I chose from Nuby is the bath letters and numbers. This is recommended for babies 18 months and up. Obviously Adalyn is not there yet but she likes to play with the letters and numbers anyways. I think that she will enjoy these once she is older even more. These stick to the walls of the bath which is awesome and fun!

Nuby Bath Letters and Numbers

The foam bath letters and numbers also float in the water helping to make bathtime fun. These can be purchased at Meijer and Baby Depot at Burlington.

We were also sent a few sippy cups. So far, Adalyn has only drank out of a sippy cup a couple of times since she is only 6 months old but we plan to start introducing them more to her soon.

We were sent the Clik It which is a leak proof sippy cup that has a 360 degree straw that you can drink from at any angle. It is BPA free and recommended for kids ages 12 months and up.The click sound helps you know that it is locked which would be good for travel. We have one that is a flip n' sip and the other is a sport sipper (available at Target).

One of the neatest products that we were sent is the Garden Fresh squeeze feeder. You just fill the feeder with pureed food and squeeze and it will dispense the food for baby right on the spoon. It holds 3 ounces and would be great for feeding baby while out so it is not as messy. When we go to restaurants, we now bring Adalyn food which can get pretty messy. This helps to make it just a bit easier so we don't have to bring both a bowl and spoon. These are available at Amazon.com.

Finally, we were sent the Easy Grip Flip-it cup which is a 10 oz cup for kids ages 12 months and up. If you want to advance baby from having a traditional sippy cup to using a straw, this is a great option. It also has a no-spill straw with a hygienic cover. As Adalyn gets a bit bigger, these will come in handy!

Thank you to Nuby for including me as a Nuby Parent Blogger!

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