May 08, 2015

Adalyn Solid Foods Update +Giveaway

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Baby Solid Foods Update
Adalyn has been eating solids for 2 1/2 months now! She loves everything! She is an eating machine and must eat if we are eating- or else. She eats at least 2 solid meals per day, sometimes 3 and sometimes has a snack if we are eating. 

I am still making most of Adalyn's food which is fun. She does a mixture of purees and whole foods. She has tried so many things! We went to a Polish festival and she tried all of the typical Polish food. She also tried homemade salsa with cilantro, pasta, grilled zucchini, almond butter and much more. With two little teeth on the bottom, it is getting easier and easier for her to chew. My little girl is growing up!

Baby Solid Foods Update
Favorites so far seem to be applesauce, bread, kale and almond butter- I agree with her- all good things! There has not been anything that Adalyn does not like so far (which I am so thankful for). She can feed herself the foods that are whole and we feed her the purees. Every meal is a mess but a load of fun. It is especially fun to share with her some of our favorite foods and see her reaction.

We have tried some of the high allergy foods without issues including strawberries, wheat and almond butter. We are waiting a bit on peanut butter.

Beechnut Organic Baby Foods
When we are out all day, I will bring food that is convenient for her on-the-go so that I do not have to worry about refrigeration. I have used a couple different baby foods and pouches. An excellent option is Beech-Nut organic baby food. I picked some up at my local Kroger. They can also be located at Babies “R” Us, Wegmans, Price Chopper, Wakefern,,  Winn-Dixie, BI-LO, Stop & Shop, Giant Carlisle, A&P, Pathmark, Albertsons, Hannaford, Raley’s, Meijer, Nugget Market,, Harris Teeter, Shaw's, ACME, Shoppers Food and Cub Foods. Ingredients are super simple and contain no added sugars or salt which was very important to me. All ingredients are organic and have no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Beechnut Organic Baby Foods
This mixture that Adalyn tried was pear, pumpkin and pineapple which she absolutely loved. I even tried it and it was really good and tasted mostly like pineapple. It tasted really fresh which I loved. Other mixtures included banana + mango + sweet potatoes, mango + carrot + orange and pear + kale + cucumber. I liked seeing these combinations and it gave me some ideas for what to make for Adalyn.

Beechnut Organic Baby Foods

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