May 26, 2015

Becoming a Professional Chef

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Mediterranean Tzatziki Salad
More people are going to school to become professional chefs than ever before. There are many reasons why this is the case. First of all, there are a wide variety of cooking shows that are being shown on many of the cable TV networks. This has given professional chefs a very wide fan base. It has also made people who watch these shows consider the advantages of becoming a chef. These are people who might not have otherwise considered becoming a chef for a career option. Along with the massive TV exposure, people are trying to go into careers that have a lot of demand. There will always be a need for good chefs, so it is a wise field to get into. 

Chipotle Grilled Chicken Pizza

Here is how you can go about becoming a professional chef like Tim Love:

1. Select the right cuisine to specialize in

While you will need to be able to cook a wide variety of dishes to become a professional chef, the vast majority of chefs have one or two certain types of food that they specialize in preparing. For example, Emeril Lagasse has become famous around the world from his show which teaches people how to cook Cajun food. Having a specialty food will allow you to become known for a certain type of dish. This will be good for you if you are trying to market yourself and further your career. Ideally, your goal should be to become one of the first names people think of when they need your specialty dish prepared. 

2. Be passionate about your career

Being a chef is not an easy thing, especially in the early days when you are still learning the ropes. There will be many long hours that you will be spending in hot kitchens. The money may not be great at first either. You will also be spending all of your time on your feet. This is why you must love what you do. 

3. Go to the best cooking school you can afford

Much of your education as a chef will take place when you already get a job and start working in the industry. However, your choice in cooking schools is a very important one. Not only will more prestigious schools give you a better cooking education, they will give you a better opportunity to get hired after you graduate and start looking for a job.

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