May 26, 2015

Adalyn 8 Month Update

This month has been a mix of fun and crazy! The crazy part is the lack of sleep and teething. The fun part is crawling, playing constantly and eating all the foods.

Clothing size: A lot of 6 and 9 month clothes, a little bit of 12 months, some 6 month clothes are getting too small- tear!

Diapers: Size 2

: 16.4 lbs

My first Mother's Day- what, you didn't think we would be twins, yeah right! Haha I love to match my girl.

Feedings: Adalyn still breastfeeds usually 5 times per day (about 6, 9, 12, 4 and 7). Sometimes there may be one extra feeding thrown in there. She eats 2-3 solid meals a day. She is an excellent eater and we have not found a food that she doesn't like. 

We did find out that she is most likely allergic to eggplant. She has had it twice and has gotten a splotchy red rash around her mouth almost instantly. The first time, we thought it was from the oil used to marinate but when it happened again from just plain eggplant, we knew it must be that. Of course we are going to avoid it from now on and test again at a later age.

She has had some of the high allergy foods without issues: almond butter, strawberries and egg whites. This month, she can chew so much better with her two little teeth. I can hold a peach and she will literally eat the entire thing in about 2 minutes- she just keeps taking little bites until it is gone. She loves fruit- just like me! Yay! The night before her 8 month birthday, she tried peanut butter for the first time and did good with it. She loved it in fact. I hope she is a nut butter lover like me.

This month we introduced a lot more flavors including garlic, tomato sauce, curry, etc. She likes them all. We do a mixture of whole foods (baby led weaning) and purees. For example, yesterday, she had black beans whole and spinach pureed. She has had many meats and seems to do well with those. 

I am still making most of her food homemade which is easy. She gets baby oatmeal one time per day for the iron. New foods this month (off the top of my head): zucchini (one of her favorites), pasta with tomato sauce, spinach, apricot, blueberries, grapes, parsley, cilantro, curry, tofu, mushrooms, almond butter and many more. She basically tries much of what we are eating unless it is too salty, sugary, spicy or crunchy.

Well, last month I bragged that we eliminated nighttime feeds. This is not going as well this month. I think that it is in direct relation to teething and crawling. I read that once baby is on the move, it becomes hard for them to sleep for awhile (8/9/10 month sleep regression I hear it is called). Adalyn has been flailing around in her crib, she will sit up, roll over, etc. and starts screaming. It has been very difficult! Anyways, I am often having to feed her in the night to help calm her down. We do this as a last resort because I know that she is not truly hungry but when she gets super worked up, it may help.

Adalyn with my grandma!

Sleep: Bedtime is still 7-7:15 PM each night. Some nights, she goes down easily. Some nights, it can literally take 2 hours to get her to settle down. We are still using the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit after failed attempts to stop it. When we put her just in a regular sleepsack, she was screaming for hours, even when we were rocking her. Crazy! For now, we still keep using the sleepsuit and try again in a month or so to eliminate it. It is a work in progress. 

We basically stopped using the Halo swaddles but still need them for some naps when Adalyn is overtired and cannot calm down.

Bedtime routine: diaper change, pajamas, sleepsuit, breastfeed, wubbanub pacifier and bed. We do not rock her to sleep but put her down awake. I have been singing her some songs which she enjoys. This month, nighttime has gotten so much harder. I think we are just in a rough spot and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Troy has been a huge help. A couple of nights ago, he slept on the couch downstairs with Adalyn after we had tried everything for THREE hours. She just cries and cries. We have tried rocking, singing, shushing, feeding, different sleep outfits, etc. We tried gas drops, infant Tylenol, etc. Some nights are okay but some make it so hard to go to work the next day.

Also, Adalyn used to be able to fall asleep again after she was fed in the morning. Now, she is up for the day most days at 5:30 AM- ahh! It's all part of being a parent I guess ; ). The good outweighs the bad easily.

Naps: Naps have also gotten funky like nighttime sleep. I think that Adalyn is transitioning to just 2 naps per day. Some days, she really resists her morning nap. Naps are varied a lot right now.

Nicknames: Boo Boo, Boo Boo Stinky, Dooley, Doo Lyn, Dooley Doo, etc. etc.

Mom, I don't have time for pictures, I'm too busy crawling.

-We have a crawler!! This baby is on the move. 

-Can hold herself up standing if she has something to hold on to such as a table. She is getting sturdier and sturdier by the day. A week before she turned 8 months, she started pulling herself up on people- I think she may be standing by 9 months on her own. We found her standing in her crib one time and we immediately lowered the crib to its lowest setting.

-Adalyn holds herself up on all fours. She went in a pool for this first time, got on all fours and I kid you not- twerked. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

-Loves to play! She can play with her toys for an hour-hour and a half straight. She is so busy and does not have time to stop.

-We got her a rocking horse and she knows to bounce up and down on it by herself! I think that this is because Troy always has her "ride like a horse" on his knee with a certain song and we do this when she is on her horse so she knows to bounce.

-Excellent at blowing raspberries. I think she should make a career of this ; ).

-We got her this little baby tricycle and she LOVES to ride on it. I will be making dinner and Troy will be pushing her into the kitchen on her trike- too cute!

-She sits up on her own without any issues. She can roll both ways really well. She can go from crawling to sitting up and vice versa. Gives the best kisses. Still grabbing everything she can get to. 

-Got to go in a pool for the first time this month that I got her.

-2 teeth on the bottom- I think more are going to come in soon due to all the fussiness.

-Starting to be a momma's girl!! She reaches for me, cries when someone else takes her, lights up when I am around- this makes me so happy. As a working mom, I am obviously not always around so when I am, I try to spend quality time with my girl and I love that she loves me. 

-Ava loves her little sister! It took her awhile to warm up to Adalyn as much as Jaxen has but she is getting so much better with her.

-Bathtime is so fun and she never wants to get out! She will play forever in there with her rubber ducks.

-She has been grabbing at cords and we have been having to tell her "no" more and more. She has also been biting me while eating- ouch. 

Products We Love this Month:
Boba Carrier- If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you see that Troy and I wear Adalyn everywhere. She loves it and so do we. This is the most comfortable carrier for both of us.

Wubbanub- Don't leave home without it- ever!

Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit- This took us from multiple wakeups each night to sleeping through the night (except for teething).

FanFan the Fawn- Just like the Sophie teether

Fisher Price lunchbox- Hours of entertainment

Fisher Price laugh and learn puppy- Fun musical toy

This month has been a blast!! I love my baby girl so much and am so proud to be her mom. This age is so fun.

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