May 31, 2015

Cancer Financial Solution Options

Cancer is a disease that everyone hopes that no one they know ever gets but unfortunately, most of us do know someone who has had cancer. My Mom's dad- Dzia Dzia to me, had colon cancer. He survived colon cancer but I know that it was very hard on him and the rest of the family.

As a dietitian, I work with many patients with cancer. Since many of them are malnourished and have increased nutrient needs, I have to work closely with these patients. Recently, I got very close to one patient in particular who decided that no matter what, she wants to live. She is doing everything that she can to fight the cancer and her other diseases. This is something great to see and is inspiring to see her desire to get better.

Currently, there are nearly 4.1 million people living the US with cancer. That is way, way too many. Cancer not only is very physically and mentally hard on the patient and their family but also on their finances. Medical bills can be extremely high related to cancer treatments. 

I remember when I was in my dietetic internship, I chose a cancer center as one of my rotations. I learned that someone with cancer requires an entire care team to get better. This included the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, counselors, dietitian and often required someone to help provide financial guidance to help patients pay for their bills.

There is a program called the Living Benefit Loan Program which can help cancer patients. What this program does is make it so that a patient with cancer can receive up to 50% of their life insurance policy's benefit now. They won't have to make loan payments of have out-of-pocket expenses. You can find out more about the loan program if you have cancer or know someone who does who is struggling with their bills. So far, they have been able to provide over $15 million to those with cancer.

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