May 31, 2015

Foods I've Tried Lately Part 4

Russo's New York Pizzeria Pizza
1. Russo's New York Pizzeria Pizza- Wow, this is honestly one of the best frozen pizzas that I have had! I was sent some Russo's gluten-free pizzas (made with rice and tapioca flour) to try and they are so good. Troy and I liked the margherita one best which was topped with tomatoes and basil. The crust is thin, crisped up nicely, and was full of flavor. I liked that the cheese went right to the crust. Troy and I devoured this pizza and then wanted more, not because we were truly hungry, but because it was so good! This pizza is great for anyone but I would especially recommend them if you require a gluten-free diet.

Milkmakers Cookies
2. Milkmakers Cookies- As a nursing mom, I often worry if my baby is getting enough and have noticed a drop in my supply. When I notice this, I up my intake of oats, flax, water and take fenugreek supplements. These cookies by Milkmakers are great with oats and flax to help increase milk production. They come in oatmeal chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin flavors. Both are good! They are quite crispy and one large cookie is very filling. I can't feel guilty while eating a cookie to help my supply- haha! These taste great and make a tasty dessert.

Blake's All Natural Foods
3. Blake's All Natural Foods- I was sent some different frozen meals to try. I love these in a pinch! They are sold at Whole Foods and come in lots of varieties- mac and cheese, chicken parmesan with pasta, chicken marsala, chicken and dumplings, pot pie, ravioli and more. A lot of these are Troy and I's favorite kind of meals. They are great to take to work when we didn't pack a lunch the night before.

Troy loves having a real meal for lunch and these are great to fuel him through his long day at work. Some of the meals are all-natural and some are organic. I enjoyed the mac and cheese with veggies and Troy loved the chicken parmesan. These meals are filling and do not contain all the funky ingredients that many frozen meals have.

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