June 26, 2015

Adalyn 9 Month Update

Holy Moly! We are nearing one year old. Where in the heck did the time go? When I was thinking about writing this post about a week ago, I had planned to write that there were not that many changes in the last month. This all changed in the last week or so completely. Adalyn became an expert crawler, had her 3rd and 4th teeth pop through, crawled all the way up our entire set of stairs and greatly improved her language. Here are some of the fun things going on this month:

Clothing size: All 9 and 12 month clothes! The 12 month clothes are a bit big but fit decently.

Diapers: Size 2

: Home weight of 17.5 lbs (wt at doctors in the beginning of July)

Feedings: Adalyn is still breastfed 5 times per day. She eats 3 solid meals per day and is still an excellent eater.

So last month, we thought that she was allergic to eggplant but found out that she is actually allergic to something on our grill. She gets a red splotchy reaction and it is only from our grill. For now, we are just avoiding grilled foods at home since we don't know exactly what is causing it. She has had all of the high allergy foods without issue: peanuts, almonds, strawberries, egg whites, shellfish, soy, milk and wheat.

She has a huge appetite and eats the entire time that we are eating plus about 20 minutes after. She just wants to eat and eat. This makes me happy! She can chew most foods when cut into pieces. We are barely giving any purees besides some leftover frozen spinach, applesauce and plain Greek yogurt. Adalyn loves to feed herself and does not want us trying to feed her. She loves Cheerios and feeding them to herself.

She has had so many different foods that babies probably don't typically eat including salsa, shrimp, lychees, finger limes, asparagus, every kind of fruit and vegetable. We often give her bits of what we are eating as long as it is low in sodium and sugar.

Sleep: Bedtime changed to being later this month. It is now anywhere from 7:30-8:30 depending on where we are and how energetic Adalyn is. The first part of this month was super hard with sleep or lack thereof but in the last week, it has gotten a lot better again. Adalyn was having a ton of issues falling asleep due to learning how to stand and not knowing how to sit back down. She would scream and scream. Even when rocked, fed, etc. she would scream. One night, it took 4 hours of screaming to get her down. Troy and I nearly lost our minds!

She is now back to sleeping 10 hours straight (give or take) from about 8 PM to 6 AM (usually ~5:45). Thank you god!! She is now finally sleeping without the sleepsuit or swaddle. We put her down with a Wubbanub and a light blanket and she does very well. She now sleeps on her stomach with her legs tucked under her butt- so cute! I have been doing some singing to help get her calmed down. Troy figured out something that has worked wonders- rubbing Adalyn's stomach helps her calm down a ton. Go Troy!

Naps: Naps are going better this month and she is down to 2 naps per day. Length varies greatly from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

-Adalyn is excellent at crawling, she is super fast!

-On 6/15, she crawled all the way up the stairs!! She had never even done one stair before and then suddenly, did all the stairs. Wow.

-Her third and fourth tooth broke through on top a few days before her 9 month birthday.

-She pulls herself standing up and then sits down and repeats times a zillion. Her balance is very good.

-Her speech has improved so much! I was getting a bit worried because at 8 months, she was not babbling at all but is now saying "ba ba ba" "da da da" "ma ma ma" and more. The best thing in the world, when she gets really upset, she says "ma ma". I don't know if it is on purpose yet but I will go with yes.

-Can wave bye bye!

-Can clap her hands. I love when she does this.

-Loves to play! She can play with her toys for an hour-hour and a half straight. She is so busy and does not have time to stop.

-Rides on her Radio Flyer trike and bounces on her rocking horse.

-When you tell her to give her toy a kiss or give herself a kiss in the mirror, she will. Sometimes she will give us a kiss, if she feels like it.

-We transitioned to the convertible car seat which she loves. She sleeps better in there and doesn't whine as much.

-Absolutely loves being in a pool. We took her to our huge pool at the park and pulled her all around the water, put her on our backs, etc. and she loved it.

-Needs her mamma all the time! She reaches for me, cries when someone else takes her, lights up when I am around- this makes me so happy. As a working mom, I am obviously not always around so when I am, I try to spend quality time with my girl and I love that she loves me. 

-Bathtime is so fun and she never wants to get out! She will play forever in there with her rubber ducks and foam Nuby letters.

-For awhile, Adalyn hated being in the stroller and only wanted to be carried. Luckily, she is getting a lot better at being okay about being in the stroller. We always bring toys on our walks.
-She has been grabbing at cords and we have been having to tell her "no" more and more.

This month has been a blast!! I love my baby girl so much and am so proud to be her mom. This age is so fun.

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