June 07, 2015

Loads of Fun with Nuby Toys

Nuby Tub Time Turtle
As a Nuby Parent Blogger, I get to try out different Nuby items for Adalyn. Since she is 8 months old now, she likes to play, play, play. Therefore, I chose items for her that are fun and that she can use all summer long.

Nuby sqeeze n' squeak elephant toy
So far, Adalyn's favorite item is the sqeeze n' squeak elephant toy. This toy squeaks and is very fun for Adalyn. Parent tip- when you are trying to take pictures of your baby and they don't want to look at you, squeeze this and you will get their attention! 

Nuby sqeeze n' squeak elephant toy
The squeeze n' squeak toy is very inexpensive at less than $6 at Walmart. Adalyn has been crawling to this and loves pulling on the rings. It is soft and a fun toy for baby.

Another favorite is the Tub Time Turtle which floats in the water. Adalyn loved picking this up while she was in the bathtub and seeing the water pour out. It is simple but fun.

Nuby Tub Time Turtle

You can get this for less than $6 on Amazon.
Nuby Whale Sea Scooper
Adalyn has been loving bath toys and as she gets older, I can see how the bathtub will get very crowded. This Sea Scooper is perfect to scoop up your child's toys so you don't step on them. It has drain holes to let the water drain away so the toys can dry. It comes with a wall hook so you can store on the bathroom wall.

We were also sent the splash n' catch bathtime fishing set which will be so great for the little outdoor pool that we purchased for Adalyn this summer. Then, it can be used in the bath as well. This is super affordable at less than $7 on Amazon.

Finally, the last item that we were sent is the Nuby squid squirter. Your child can use it to squirt water. Luckily, we have glass shower doors so Adalyn won't be soaking everything!

Nuby Bath Toy Gift Set
If you are interested in a bunch of the Nuby bath toys, you can purchase this set for about $25 on Amazon as well.

Nuby sqeeze n' squeak elephant toy
Thanks Nuby for all the fun toys for my baby girl. She loves to play and is going to have a blast with these!

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