Sunday, June 14, 2015

New to Me Foods Review

The Brinery Fermented Foods
1. The Brinery Fermented Foods- I love fermented foods and was excited to try these products from The Brinery. They are located about 1 hour from me in Ann Arbor, MI. I love sharing Michigan brands! They make different kinds of sauerkraut and pickled foods. My dad is especially a fan of sauerkraut and we have even made our own the last two years. The Brinery has many different types and I was interested in trying a variety of kinds I had not had before.

The Brinery Fermented Foods
When I knew that I would be receiving this package, I invited my dad over for dinner. We had a spread of grilled sausage, grilled potatoes, sauteed homegrown spinach with mushrooms and the products from The Brinery. I loved the firefly kraut which contained habanero peppers and gave a spicy flavor. For my dad to eat plain, it was a bit too spicy for him but he thought it would be great on a sandwich. It was sour and crisp. I loved it!

The Brinery Fermented Foods
I let Adalyn try a bit of the rust belt kraut which is made with red cabbage and she loved it. That kid will eat anything! This kraut was more sour than red kraut usually is which I loved. It had also maintained its crispness which was great. My dad and husband really enjoyed this one as well. 

The jape kin cod "pickles" were great as well which were pickled carrots. I liked these plain or they would be great on a sandwich or salad as well. We loved the products from The Brinery- if you like fermented foods, I would highly recommend all of these.

Luvo Frozen Foods

2. Luvo Frozen Foods- Many frozen food options are filled with unhealthy ingredients, loads of calories and most of all, way too much salt. I recently found Luvo which has frozen meals all for under 500 calories and less than 500 mg of sodium (!!). They use whole grains whenever possible, all meals launched this year have 1 tsp of sugar or less and they use antibiotic free meats. They have vegan and vegetarian options and use organic ingredients when possible.

Luvo Frozen Foods

I enjoyed the steel-cut oatmeal with quinoa and fruit. It had a variety of fruits including peaches and pineapple. This oatmeal was sweeter than I was used to but was good for a treat. Troy enjoyed the chicken enchiladas and the chicken chile verde. I love that in the lasagna for example, they use whole wheat noodles- this is rare in frozen meals. I enjoyed these Luvo meals. When you need a healthier meal on-the-go, I would consider these a good option.

Cucina Antica Pasta Sauce
2. Cucina Antica- I had heard great things about these pasta sauces and wanted to try them out for myself. Troy and I love trying different pasta sauces and finding the freshest and most delicious ones. The arrabbiata is delicious! It was a bit spicy and was fresh tasting. It is great on a bed of whole-grain pasta with sauteed onions, garlic, zucchini and homegrown spinach. 

Cucina Antica Condiments
I was also sent some of their ketchup and dressings to try. The low fat italiano dressing is great. It is organic and is awesome tossed on a big summer fresh salad. I am a fan of these products.

Good Habit Box
4. Good Habit Box- Good Habit is a company that sells small-batch, handcrafted oatmeal, tea, snacks and shakes. The items all come in individual portions and the options vary with each box. I thought that this was a really fun idea to allow you to try a bunch of different flavors and never get bored with your meals and snacks.

Good Habit Box
Troy and I have been sharing some of the snacks and will be taking some of these on our trip we are taking soon. The lemon pistachios were good! I like the fun nut and seed combos such as cinnamon apple walnut, honey balsamic cashews, almond cranberry pepitas and more.

Good Habit Box
I love oatmeal and liked the unique flavors such as forest berry oatmeal, coconut pecan oatmeal and ginger fig. These are so easy to throw into a bowl with some water and heat up for breakfast. I like keeping them in my office at work for a quick breakfast or snack.

There are 4 different boxes including be delighted, be mindful, be balanced and be fit. Prices vary from $7.99-$19.99 and can come weekly, biweekly or monthly. Good Habit Box is a fun way to mix up your typical breakfasts and snacks.

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