June 13, 2015

Great Baby Items Review

Little Me Dress

1. Little Me Dress- We are a big fan of Little Me baby clothing. The outfits are not overly expensive but are very cute and hold up well with multiple washings.  I was sent this dress for Adalyn which is perfect for summer. I love how it flairs out on the bottom. It is lightweight making it good for a hot day.

Little Me Dress

Little Me also makes great pajamas. We have had many of their pajamas and we like them all. 

Little Me Dress
Little Me is sold at Buy Buy Baby, Macy's, Nordstrom, Sears, Babies 'R Us and more.

2. Max Daniel Blanket- We were sent this adorable blanket from Max Daniel. The material is so, so soft and I love the cream and tan colors. When it is cold again, I can see us giving Adalyn this blanket to cuddle up in.

Max Daniel has adult sized blankets and baby ones. I was sent the champagne dots baby blanket which we love. The blankets would make a nice baby shower gift for your loved ones. I think it would be fun in a baby gift basket with other items.

It is machine washable and made in the USA! For 20% off your Max Daniel order, use the code: NUTRITIONIST20OFF.

3. Baby Must Haves- I was sent a goodie package with Downy, Boogie Wipes products, Kandoo, Febreze and Dreft. We are already a fan of Dreft for washing Adalyn's clothes in and like having this stain remover stick in our diaper bag for when something gets on her clothes (which is always!). 

In the winter especially, she had a lot of drainage and the Boogie Wipe and Boogie Mist would have been beneficial- next winter! The Downy wrinkle release is good for parents who don't have time to iron their clothes for work and need to get wrinkles out quick. Troy uses this often on his clothes.

We always have to wash Adalyn's hands lately because now she is crawling and gets dirty quicker- especially outside. This Kandoo hand soap is great for that.

And one more Adalyn picture just for good measure..

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