July 26, 2015

Fun Products Review Part 2

Soleil Mimosa
1. Soleil Mimosa- I love a good adult beverage every now and again and enjoyed trying these Soleil Mimosas. They bottles are awesome bright colors which I just loved. We got these at the perfect time, right before guests were coming over to celebrate my husband's birthday. I threw a couple of bottles in the fridge to get them cold and served them that evening.

The pineapple mimosa was amazing. I was expecting it to possibly taste too sweet or fake flavored but it was not like that at all. It tasted just like fresh pineapple juice and champagne. I shared it with my family and they all enjoyed it! They also have mango, pomegranate and orange mimosas. They alcohol percentage is lower (8%) than wine. I was impressed with these and would buy them again, especially for a brunch where you want mimosas.

2. VONBON- We were sent this adorable dress for Adalyn from VONBON. It is very comfortable and she was able to crawl and take a few steps in it. The material is stretchy and feels like quality material. This dress is the Dia dress. VONBON has a variety of clothing and accessories for infants and babies.

They have awesome headbands too. If you have seen my posts featuring Adalyn, you know that she almost always has something in her hair such as a clip, bow or headband since they are so cute. My favorite one from VONBON was the one featuring deer antlers since my husband, dad and brother are all hunters. This will be perfect for hunting season this year!

3. SOUFEEL bracelet- I was recently sent a beautiful bracelet from Soufeel to review. I cannot share the picture of it right now because it is for a gift for someone I know that reads the blog!

I was sent a beautiful Pandora style bracelet with a few charms. They charms are made with sterling silver, 14k gold or Swarovski elements. They are more reasonable than other brands but still have the beautiful look. They have all different types of charms. I was able to find 4 charms that were just perfect for the person that I was choosing them for. I love when you can find a beautiful personalized gift for someone that you know that they will love!
Shipping is free with orders over $50 and they have a 365 day return policy. Use the code AMANDA5 for 5% off your order.

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