August 27, 2015

5 Tips for Parents with Babies on the Move

Adalyn is walking!!! At 9 1/2 months, she started taking steps on her own. At 10 months, she could take about 6-8 steps at a time before falling on her butt. At 10 1/2 months, she seemed to really get the hang of walking and could go quite a bit further. We are proud parents.

Once she started moving, there were some changes that we made to make things safe and fun for her! Here are some of my tips:

5 Tips for Parents with Babies on the Move

1. Babyproof what needs to be, but not everything

Some people baby proof everything in their homes but that was not the approach we wanted to take. We put up gate by all of our stairs so that Adalyn wouldn't fall down the stairs or crawl up them when we didn't want her to. We also removed all chemicals from under the sink and moved anything out of reach that she couldn't have: glass containers, picture frames, etc.

We decided not to put latches on everything, outlet covers, toilet latches, etc. Instead, we watch Adalyn closely and never leave her unattended in an area that could be dangerous for her.

2. Keep the house clean

We have to clean more than ever now because Adalyn will put everything in her mouth. Dust bunnies, a tag from a store, a penny, an earring: literally she will put anything in her mouth so we have to keep the house tidy so she can't get these things.

We also vacuum and sweep a lot more often because when she crawls, she will crawl all over the dust which is just yucky- I want her to grow up in a clean and tidy environment.

3. Give them things that they can have

A lot of times, with a baby, it seems like you are taking everything away from them. No, you can't have this butter knife. No, you can't have my phone. No, you can't have this glass plate.

Instead of taking everything away, give your child something that they can play with that is not normally theirs. Adalyn "helps" us cook dinner each night. I give her silicone measuring cups, Tupperware, mixing spoons, etc. to play with while we cook dinner. It gives her something to do and I think that she enjoys doing something that she feels like she isn't supposed to.

How low can you go? I could go low, go low lower than you know, go low... Adalyn gets down to a little Ludacris

4. Let them learn in a safe environment

Although it makes my heart skip a beat when Adalyn crawls up the stairs, I know that I have to let her do this in order to learn, grow and develop. When she wants to crawl up the stairs for example, I will be right behind her to catch her if she needs it.

We try to let Adalyn explore as much as possible such as emptying her shoe drawer 10,000 times per day which is something safe to do and fun for her. She tries to empty the silverware section of the dishwasher which is something that is not safe so I try to redirect her to something else.

5. Dress them appropriately

You know I love to dress Adalyn up in a zillion different beautiful dresses but sometimes, clothes like this can get in the way of her crawling and walking. The most appropriate clothes seem to be shorts or pants which doesn't get in her way.

I also read that unless babies are out, they should be barefoot which is best for their foot development. Adalyn is a lot steadier walking when she is barefoot so that is what we try to do most often in the house.

Also, when babies start moving, you want a diaper that is going to move with them and not sag or get in the way. We love Pampers Cruisers from Target for Adalyn. We started her in these when she went up to a size 3 and think that they are the best quality. We do use other brands too depending on what is on sale but Pampers seem to do the best job.

This line is newly redesigned and now has extra absorption channels to distribute the wetness evenly. Trust me, you do not want a leaky diaper! Also, when the diaper is really full, it can sag a lot and these are made to not sag.

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