August 15, 2015

Michigan Renaissance Festival 2015

The only time that I have been to the Renaissance Festival was when I was in Girl Scouts when I was about in 4th grade. Through the blog, I received tickets for the Michigan Renaissance Festival and I am SO excited to go! It should be a blast.

I have enough tickets that my family can go too if they want and we will take our baby girl. I know that she will enjoy looking at everything.

The festival is open on weekends and Labor Day from August 22-October 4th, plus Friday October 4th. It is open from 10 AM to 7 PM rain or shine. They have free parking. The festival is located in Holly, MI.

There are tons of events going on each day. I look forward to walking around and seeing everything and eating some delicious food. I always think of those huge turkey legs when I think of the Renaissance festival.

Each weekend has a different theme which sounds like a bunch of fun. I'm not sure which weekend we are going yet but I know that whichever we choose, it will be great. Follow me on Instagram for pictures of the event.

Disclosure: I received free tickets in exchange for posting about the event.

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  1. Make sure to bring plenty of water and baby wipes not for the baby. Porta johns are the only choice and no sinks to wash hands. Water and drink lines are long.

  2. What a great deal! (Now I'm wondering if the nearby Celtic Festival and Highland Games would do the same kind of deal here...) ;) Have fun! Looking forward to the pictures.


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