September 24, 2015

Adalyn 12 Month Update

My baby is 1 year old!! I am so excited. This has been the best year of my life and I have enjoyed seeing Adalyn grow so much.

Here are some of the fun things going on this month:

Clothing/diaper size: Size 12 months clothes, size 3 and 4 shoes, size 3 diapers.

Weight: 19 lbs 11.5 oz (25%)

Height: 30" (75%)

Head circumference: 17 inches (10%)

Feedings: Still nursing! About a week ago, I finally stopped pumping at work!!! Woo hoo! I am proud that we made it to one year. I do not plan to stop. I think we will continue doing three times per day for awhile. We will see. Adalyn is getting 1 bottle of frozen pumped milk while I am at work still for nutrition (plus I have a ton).

Eating solids is still going great! Adalyn has been better about the veggies again. Fruit is still her #1 and she loves finding a bowl of fruit that she can pick from and having her own apple, pear or peach from my parent's farm. She feeds herself everything and can get so messy. This kid loves to eat.

Sleep: Adalyn gets up for the day at about 5:30-6 AM. She will now often go back to sleep for an hour-an hour and a half depending on the day after I feed her. She gets up in the night if she is teething or doesn't feel good. Falling asleep doesn't take long anymore thank goodness.

She is fighting her second nap so much but sometimes goes down no problem. She naps around 10 AM each day for about 2 hours.

-Walks really well

-A couple of days before her birthday, she learned to brush her hair, mimic dancing and open drawers

-Can drink from a straw or my water bottle

-New words- bad dog, good dog, pretty, bye bye, mama, dada, mmmmm. She loves saying bad dog constantly. I am bad dog, my mom is a bad dog, the dogs are bad dogs, etc. Haha

-She has 8 teeth! 3 new from last month.

-Loves to dance, can high five, claps often, waves bye bye, gives kisses, pets the dogs and of course gives them kisses.

-Loves other kids. Whenever we go anywhere, she is obsessed with kids.

-Loves swimming and the splash pad.

-Continues to empty out every single cupboard and drawer we have, like a hundred times per day.

This month has been a blast!! I love my baby girl so much and am so proud to be her mom. I can't believe she is 1!

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