October 10, 2015

Foods I've Tried Lately Review

1. Celestial Seasonings Tea- Easily one of my favorite brands of tea because they have so many different flavors that are decaf! I usually want to drink tea in the evening when it is too late for caffeine so I love that Celestial Seasonings has lots of great options that are caffeine-free. I love the candy cane lane and always stock up around the holidays. New favorites include the acai mango zinger and mandarin orange spice which are both full of flavor. This brand is inexpensive and can be found at most stores that sell tea. I love it!

2. Comfort VoxBox- I love signing up to receive different VoxBox's because they come with so many different cool items that are usually new on the market. I get plenty of fiber from whole-grains, beans and produce but for those who do not, these Fiber Choice gummies are awesome. I liked the firm consistency and flavors that tasted just like candy.

The Fisher Nut Exactly snacks are great. They are almond and popcorn balls covered in milk chocolate. I would prefer dark chocolate but these are pretty good. I love the salty-sweet combo. When I have a grilled cheese, tomato soup is the best to go with it. This one from Annie's is organic and has no artificial colors or preservatives. This VoxBox was perfect for comfort! I loved trying the items.

3. Nate's Mediterranean Bites Falafel- I love Mediterranean food so much and enjoyed trying these different flavors of falafel balls. You can microwave them but in my opinion, the texture was not the best that way. I prefer them pan-toasted. The sweet potato flavor was great and the southwestern ones were perfect too. My baby girl loved these and they are soft enough for her to bite into them. They are gluten-free and can be a great addition to any meal. If you have a vegetarian over for a meal and are having meat- my sister is not currently eating pork or beef, you could make these for them and I'm sure they would enjoy.

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