October 09, 2015

Milk Means More Blogger Tour

Earlier in September, I was invited on a blogger tour with Milk Means More and the United Dairy Institute of Michigan. It was a great trip and I learned a lot. The trip took place in Kalamazoo which was great because that is where I went to college so I was familiar with it.

The trip started out on Wednesday morning as I drove over to Kalamazoo with some local Southeast Michigan bloggers Lori, Kristy and Katie. It was great getting to know them and chatting all things blogging.

We met up at the Radisson Hotel which is where we stayed for the night and had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants- Old Burdick's. If you are in Kalamazoo, try this restaurant. I had an awesome cherry salad with grilled chicken.

Then, we departed for Prairie Farms to tour their facilities and see how milk is packaged and sent out. It was awesome seeing how the milk is filled into the little cartons and sent out. Lots of things that you don't think of as a consumer.

Then we went to Crandall Farms where we toured the dairy farm. We got to see little baby cows! So cute. I loved petting them. They get milked three times per day which starts at the bright (or not so bright) and early time of 2 AM everyday.

We had the pleasure of having dinner on the farm with the farm owners and talking all things dairy and farming. After dinner, we got back to the hotel, went to Burdick's for a drink and then crashed. The hotel room was amazing! I want to come back with my husband one day.

The next morning, I worked out at the hotel gym and then we all walked to breakfast at Food Dance. I wanted to try Food Dance for years and finally got to! The breakfast was incredible. The next time I am in Kalamazoo, I would definitely return there.

After breakfast we got ready for the day and then went to Zazio's which is located in the Radisson hotel where we would be cooking our lunch that day. We got to pair up in teams and cook an awesome menu together in the Zazio's kitchen. It turned out so amazing and I was excited to get to take some of the leftovers home to my family which they loved.

It was an awesome trip and I learned so much. Prior to the trip, I was considering giving my daughter organic milk when she starts on cow's milk but now, I will buy regular milk. Since learning the process that milk is made, I also learned that the milk does not have growth hormones added and that the milk is regularly tested for any issues. I feel safe providing my daughter with regular cow's milk.

Thank you so much to UDIM and Milk Means More for the awesome trip!

Disclosure: My trip including hotel, food and activities was covered by UDIM. All opinions are my own.

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