November 27, 2015

The Differences in Skin Care Around the World

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Most people recognize the importance of taking care of their skin. Like any other part of our body it’s important to keep skin healthy. Of course, for many people undertaking a skin care regime, looking good is also an important consideration. In fact the need to look great is often a bigger driver than thinking about how healthy our skin is.

Looking good does not mean the same thing to all people though, and this is where differences can occur in the way people look after their skin, depending on where they are in world. In the US, it seems there is almost an obsession with having wrinkle-free skin. In Japan, it’s all about looking youthful and in European countries like France and Germany, there tends to be more of an emphasis on the natural look.

The natural look in Europe

Women from European countries, such as France and Germany, tend to want to protect their skin and rejuvenate it, rather than create a completely false impression. You can have a look at some more information on some of the techniques they use. The fact is that they are just comfortable in their own skin and want to keep it healthy rather than change its appearance.

France is known all over the world for the sense of style that its people have, and this continues at any age. Older French women think nothing of going out with a bare face. They believe in simply using protection against the sun and a good moisturizing routine, to keep their skin looking healthy but natural.

The US obsession with wrinkles

Read about US celebrities and you are highly likely to see the word Botox mentioned at some point. Of course, the use of Botox isn’t confined to the US but it is certainly popular in a country where getting rid of wrinkles often seems to be a national obsession. Many Americans also use products such as wrinkle creams, but these products don’t have the same obvious effects that Botox does.

The simple fact is that wrinkles are a fact of life as you grow older and it’s so much easier to embrace that fact. There are of course ways that you can keep the wrinkles at bay as much as possible. Exposure to sunlight, drinking alcohol and smoking can all help to make your skin wrinkle more easily. It’s a good idea to keep out of the sun where possible, use a sun cream, stop smoking and drink alcohol in moderation and moisturize your skin on a regular basis.

Avoiding the sun in Japan

In Japan, there is possibly even more emphasis on trying to halt the aging process than there is in the US; the difference is that skin care tends to be more about prevention than dealing with the after effects. Japanese women often wear long sleeves, even in sunny weather and also often use parasols that have UV protection built in. This is a natural way of dealing with the obsession with youthfulness. Not so natural is the drinkable collagen that is often used to help out.  

You can see that, depending where you live in the world, your skin care, and the way you feel about your skin, can be very different. From the anti-wrinkle hungry US to the Europeans who embrace the aging process more easily, one thing remains the same; it’s always important to try and keep your skin in good health.

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