November 05, 2015

True Goodness by Meijer

I was recently invited to Grand Rapids for a blog trip to learn about Meijer's new lines: True Goodness by Meijer and True Goodness by Meijer Organic. Meijer True Goodness focuses on healthier products that do not contain any high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics in the meat, artificial foods colorings, artificial preservatives and more.

I had a great time and learned a lot on this trip. Meijer used to have their Meijer Organics and Meijer Naturals lines and they have changed to this new name. I love shopping at Meijer and think that they have a great selection.

Meijer True Goodness

The lines feature clean label and organic products. We got to learn about how the package was designed with a simpler concept as well as how the font was kept simple. I loved learning some of the background information like this that most people would never get to know! The line has 115 new items the first year and by the end of the second year, there will be 150+ new items.

Some of the new items are organic frozen waffles, organic salsa, antibiotic free chicken, organic spices, gluten-free waffles, organic pasta sauce and more.

Through the day, we were fed very well and got to try some of the great products from the True Goodness by Meijer line. I loved the corn and black bean salsa with some kind of kale tortilla chips, delicious k-cup coffee, orange juice, lunch meat, cheese, granola and much more!

It was great chatting with other bloggers and I was excited to finally meet Rachel from Rachel Cooks which I have been reading for years! We got to get in the kitchen and make some granola and cookies using the True Goodness by Meijer products.

We also got to meet Hank Meijer who is the co-chairman and co-CEO of Meijer. He was so down-to-earth and clearly passionate about what he does. He talked to us about how Meijer got started by his grandfather a long time ago.

We also got to spend time with Meijer dietitians Shari Steinbach and Tina Miller. I have seen both of their names around so it was great to chat and learn from them. I very much admire what they do! Being a supermarket dietitian is quite different from what I do and I love seeing the wide variety of jobs that you can have as an RD.

Shari taught us some holiday entertaining ideas which I loved. She had all kinds of ideas for great homemade Christmas gifts such as homemade granola, breads, a pasta basket and more. I wrote down the ideas and plan to try some of these out! I loved a cranberry salsa that we tried as well as bruschetta made with feta, basil and canned tomatoes. I am throwing Christmas this year so I need all of the ideas that I can get.

True Goodness Dog Food

True Goodness has some great dog treats like their Jerky Tenders that my dogs love. We love these healthier dog treats.

Haha- the photographer shot this photo of me. I was loving learning about nutrition or something!

To learn more about healthy living at Meijer, check out their health and wellness site.

Disclosure: My trip and this post is sponsored by Meijer. All opinions are my own.

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