November 06, 2015

Infant Reflux is Difficult

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When Adalyn was first born to the time that she was about 6 months old, she spit up a lot. It was pretty much every single feeding that she would spit up and usually multiple times per feeding. The good thing is that she always gained weight as she needed to so we didn't have to worry about that.

{Still beautiful even when she cries.}
Around 2 1/2 months old, we finally figured out that she had reflux. During breastfeeding, she would constantly pull off and scream, not cry, but horrible loud screams. We felt so bad for her. I finally called the lactation consultant from the hospital because I thought that it was something that I was doing wrong or maybe that Adalyn had an issue with what I was eating or something.

They told me that my situation sounded just like reflux and urged us to go see the pediatrician. Sure enough, he thought that it was reflux too and prescribed us some medication. It helped almost right away! The screaming during feedings went down about 90% and it was amazing.

{Spit-up picture caught at the most perfect timing- haha.}

The spit up didn't stop though which the doctor said was normal. In fact, it is common for babies to spit-up while their digestive system develops. We had every single room in our house well stocked with spit up cloths and if we didn't we quickly regretted it.

Many babies have common uncomplicated reflux (GER). It is very hard because a lot of times, you don't know what is bothering your baby and you want to do anything that you can to help them.
If you think that your child has these issues, talk to their pediatrician right away to get them the help that they need to feel better.  I learned that up to 2/3 of infants have had GER.

We continued breastfeeding (and are still doing that at 13 months). If we had to switch to formula by need or choice, there is a product called Enfamil A.R.™ that is designed for infants with uncomplicated reflux. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests using thickened feedings such as this to help manage uncomplicated reflux. Other things that may help are more frequent burping and holding baby upright after feedings.

Enfamil A.R. is the number one selling brand for spit up and it can reduce spit up by over 50% while giving your baby the nutrition that they need. Visit  for more information. Talk to your child's pediatrician before making any changes.

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