January 20, 2016

Adalyn 15-16 Month Update

I was worried that as the weather got colder, we would be super cooped up in the house but it has been the opposite! Adalyn is a ball of energy and keeps us on our toes. The last couple months have been full of fun. Here is what Adalyn has been up to:

Here are some of the fun things going on this month:
Clothing/diaper size: Size 12 and 18 month clothes, size 4 and 5 shoes, size 3 diapers.

Height/Weight %: According to our doctor, Adalyn is in the 90% for height and the 25% for weight. Tall and lean!

Feedings: Adalyn continues to be a good eater. She has been using a fork and spoon a lot better. She started refusing the bottle of previously frozen pumped milk so I ended up tossing everything I had which was about the hardest thing ever. There was at least 3 gallons frozen!! We have been offering her cow's milk which she refuses. She loves water from a sippy cup but won't take the milk.

I debated writing this because of the stupid controversy of extended nursing but we are still nursing 3 times a day. I never thought that we would make it this long but at this point, I figure why make her stop. It is a beautiful bonding time for us both.

Sleep: Thank god, Adalyn is finally sleeping better (except for the last 3 nights...). She gave Troy and I the nicest Christmas break by sleeping from about 7-7:30 until 8 AM or so!!!! The last couple of weeks, she has started to want to go to bed around 6:30 PM which is kind of unusual but we follow her cues. 

She takes a nap that starts anywhere from 10-11:30 that lasts 2-2 1/2 hours for Troy and I and like 4 hours for my mom.

Adalyn with her Great Grandma
In the last couple of months, Adalyn has had so many milestones. Everyday is a blast watching her developments.

-"Doing her kicks" where she holds onto the couch and kicks her leg in the air- so cute! Can also kick a ball.

-New words: eyes, "papp" for apples, "bwapp" for banana, "at" for aunt, hot, "ht" for heart, "wa" for water- sometimes, wow, "be be" for baby. Favorite words: dog, dada, clock. Still no mama...

-For words she cannot say, she can point to a lot things when we ask her about them: nose, mouth, legs, shoes, head, toes, grandma, mama,

-She can sign for more, all done and milk!!

-"Winks" at us where we wink at her and she double blinks at us with a huge smile. Adorable!

-Plays peek-a-boo where she covers her face, waits a minute and then "scares" us by moving her hands away.

-We got to enjoy our second Christmas with Adalyn and she had fun ripping open the wrapping paper on her presents and spending time with family.

-Adalyn loves music so much and we watch Baby Genius almost everyday and dance to the songs. Her favorite song is She'll be Coming Around the Mountain and she knows how to "toot toot" and "pull back" like in the video. She also likes Ring Around the Rosie and holds my husband's hands and goes around in a circle.

-Still running around all day like crazy! I fun ball of energy.

-Can scribble on paper and use her bathtub crayons!

-Loves to brush her teeth. She also climbs up on a stool in our bathrooms, turns on the water and dips her toothbrush in the water haha.

-Can get up on the couch and sit in her big girl chairs.

-Loves to read again! Brings us a book to read her, sits in our laps and points at everything in the book.

-Gives kisses (finally closed mouth for the first time, though I miss the wet ones ; ))- make the kissy noise. Blows kisses.

-Adalyn is such an affectionate child and loves to come give me hugs and kisses all day long. She is also great with the dogs and my mom's dogs and kisses and pets them.

Months 15 and 16 have been a blast with Adalyn. She is growing and developing before our eyes. I love it!

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