January 15, 2016

Products I'm Loving in 2016 Part 2

I wanted to share that I have a brand new recipe page that I spent hours and hours (and hours) working on so that you can easily search by ingredient, cooking method and course to find my recipes. Let me know what you think! I hope you love it!

Community Coffee K-Cups
1. Community Coffee K-Cups- I love my coffee and Community Coffee is one of my favorite brands. I love their flavored coffees but had never tried their k-cups until now. We usually purchase their bags of coffee and pour the grounds into a reusable cup to make it. Community Coffee is flavorful and tastes great. My favorite is the golden caramel flavor which adds flavor without adding sugar. It is also great with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

2. BarkBox Monthly Subscription- I love trying different subscription services and am excited to have gotten to try one for my dogs. They love treats and toys and it is pretty neat to be able to try all different products that are delivered to your door monthly. I love the peas in a pod toy especially- so cute!

If you click the link above, when you buy a month of BarkBox, you will get another month free!

Annie's Homegrown Snacks
3. Annie's Homegrown- My daughter is like her mom in the way that she loves snacking. As a dietitian, I of course want for her to have healthy foods so we mainly snack on fruits, vegetables, cheese and bread with peanut butter. When we want a treat, we turn to a healthier alternative to some other snacks which is Annie's. They have whole wheat bunnies (crackers), graham crackers, cheddar crackers and organic fruit snacks.

My daughter loves these and they are especially good for when we are out and about and I need to settle her down. They are perfect to snack on at a restaurant before a meal comes or at church.

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