March 02, 2016

Products Adalyn's Loving in 2016 + Giveaway

I always write about the products that I love and now, it is Adalyn's turn to share! Here are the new products that she has been enjoying lately:

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper

1. Guidecraft Kitchen Helper

I have always wanted one of these kitchen helpers when Adalyn was old enough and love this one from Guidecraft. It comes mostly setup and only minor assembly is required with the feet. It folds up easily to save space which I love. It is a lot lighter than other brands- mostly a positive since I move it from our nook into the kitchen for Adalyn to use.

***Keep reading below for a giveaway for an Exergen thermometer and Mediterra Bars!!

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper
It has three different heights that you can use for when your child grows or for different counter heights. I use this while I am cooking to have Adalyn stand near me. I let her play with her play food, cut up vegetables for her to munch on, help me stir food, etc. It keeps her occupied while I am cooking and gets her involved in the kitchen. Perfect!

Exergen Smart Glow Temporal Thermometer

2. Exergen Smart Glow Temporal Thermometer

Even though we got this thermometer to use on Adalyn, I think that I am the one super excited about it. The old thermometer we had came in some baby health kit we got for our baby shower. It took 2 whole minutes to take a temperature and as you can imagine, Adalyn hated it. We would take it under her arm and she had to sit still which was nearly impossible. As you may know, with a sick baby, all you care about is nursing them back to health. That is when Troy and I knew that we needed a different thermometer.

I had read about the Exergen brand thermometers on other blogs and knew that this was the route that I wanted to go. It is so easy to use and takes your child's temperature in 2-3 seconds. I love it! I practiced with it the second that I got it so that I would know exactly what to do if we needed it when Adalyn doesn't feel good.

It takes her temperature right on her forehead and doesn't annoy her like the underarm one does. We are very happy with it and it makes a world of difference when your child is sick!  

Mediterra Bars

3. Mediterra Bars

I had never tried savory bars until now and I couldn't believe some of the unusual flavors that Mediterra had to offer. They have bell pepper and green olive bars, black olives and walnuts, kale and pumpkin seeds and sundried tomato and basil savory bars. I tried the bell pepper and green olive bar and to be honest, I was not a fan of the savory variety but the good news is that my 17 month old was a big fan! She loved them! I love when Adalyn loves different healthy foods. For a snack, she will eat half of one of these bars. When it comes to bars, I prefer the sweeter varieties and liked the apricot and pistachio and cherry and pistachio bars from Mediterra.


The giveaway will be for a variety pack of Mediterra bars to one winner and an Exergen Thermometer to another reader!
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  1. Love seeing picture of your daughter using the kitchen helper.

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  3. I would like to try orange and honey. Thank you!

  4. I'd love to try pistachio and honey!

  5. I'd like to try the Orange & Honey or the Apricot & Pistachio. I'd like the thermometer for when the grandchildren are here. Rosanne

  6. I want to win the thermometer because ours no longer works, despite a new battery.

  7. The orange and honey definately sounds great. Would love to try!

  8. I need a thermometer for my house and this one is for everyone young to old.

  9. I'd like the thermometer to make it easier when the kids are sick

  10. I would love to win this thermometer because my little girl is in her first year of going to a prek type class, at 3, and oh my, we've been battling school yard cooties on an every other week basis. She's actually currently down with a double ear infection, the very first one she's ever had, but she is absolutely miserable. It's so important to be able to get their temperature accurately.

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  12. I want to try the Orange and Honey.


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