April 28, 2016

How We Are Staying Active This Spring

How We Are Staying Active This Spring
Spring is in the air! Finally! This spring has been especially cold here in Michigan and I am so excited that it is finally getting warmer. For me, as long as it is above 30 degrees, I can get outside to walk if I want to. If it is above 45, I can actually enjoy it. Ideally, it would be at least 55 degrees which we are finally starting to see these temperatures.

I love the Springtime. I love to hear the birds chirping, see the grass turning green again and seeing trees and flowers budding. We have been making sure to get outside each day and take a family walk which I love so much! We either have Adalyn in the stroller or Troy carries her in a baby carrier.

We have her point out where the trees are, grass and flowers. We show her the birds and the bunnies. It is amazing seeing the world through an 19 month old's eyes! It helps to bring a new appreciation to life.

To motivate us if we do not want to get out, I think of things to do such as take a walk to our local grocery store, grab a coffee or some ice cream. We are within walking distance of 2 grocery stores and our local CVS which we stop at if we need anything.

We also try to seek out local events that are outside and walk to them if possible. This is a fun way to be active! It is my goal this summer to go to as many pools, parks, playgrounds and splash pads as possible and so far, we have gone to two new ones this season! It is a super fun way to do something out of the ordinary and Adalyn has a blast.

A little cold weather this spring can't hold us back! One thing that can make it hard to be out in the spring is allergies. I am lucky enough not to suffer from allergies but my husband has them pretty bad. When I see him rubbing his eyes (grinding them as my dad calls it), then I know his allergies are bothering him. It is not bad all of the time but when it hits, he can feel miserable.

Luckily, Troy is an awesome sport and just takes some allergy medications if he needs to and continues on his day. He is also allergic to cats so when we go to my brother's house, he has to take allergy medicine before we get there to help.

I learned this information from MinuteClinic about allergies that I found interesting:

-An allergy is the body's immune response to a substance in the environment that is usually harmless such as pet danger, pollen, foods, etc.

-Seasonal allergies are those that cause you to sneeze, cough, itch, etc. during certain times of the year.

-Sometimes, people may think that they have a springtime cold but it may actually be allergies. Colds last 3-14 days and allergies can last months or more.

-How to tell the difference between a cold and allergies: if you have a cough, it is probably a cold. If you are aching all over or have a fever, it is probably a cold. If your eyes itch, there is a good chance that you have allergies.

-Common signs for allergies include: itchy eyes and nose, excess tears, runny nose, scratchy throat, sneezing and having a stuffy nose.

-How to control allergies- talk to your doctor! Some common treatments include nasal saline, decongestants and over the counter prescription medications.

-MinuteClinic has nurse practitioners and physician assistants to recommend the correct medications.

-If you have allergies, the best way to treat them is to prevent becoming in contact with the source of the allergies. Tips to treat include if you were outside, take off your clothes that could contain pollen, skip window fans as they can bring in mold/pollen and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from pollen.

So here's to enjoying spring, being active and not letting allergies hold us back!

Disclosure: I have received promotional consideration from MinuteClinic. All opinions are my own.

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