April 27, 2016

Products Adalyn's Loving Part 3

Brainy Baby

1. Brainy Baby

Adalyn is at a point where she loves to read. Her favorite books are the ones that have to do with animals. Adalyn has two favorite books specifically and one of them is Animals by Brainy Baby. We got this before she was born and she just loves it so much. She brings it to us everyday and we look at the animal pictures and it is helping her to learn her animals!

Brainy Baby
She knows bear, pig, duck, dog and deer at the moment. I love that the pictures are of real animals, not cartoons. I decided to contact The Brainy Company again since we love their products so much. We were sent the shapes and colors book and a collection of a book, DVD and flash cards of sign language. I am excited to teach Adalyn some signs for fun.

Brainy Baby
We also got the book Sunny Sun Sunshine which is about sun and rain. I chose this because my husband is an earth science teacher and I knew that he would love to read it to my daughter. We are huge fans of these books and different products and would highly recommend them.

Funny story, I found out recently that the president and founder grew up in the same city that we live in and right across the street from where Adalyn will go to elementary school. Crazy that these products are helping her to learn and she will go to school right where the founder of The Brainy Company grew up! Such a small world!

March FitSnack Box

2. March FitSnack Box

I have been getting the FitSnack subscription snack box each month and this month was my favorite. After I took my photos, I packed almost all of these items for a trip we took to Niagra Falls for travel snacks and enjoyed trying these new-to-me snacks. I like Crazy Richards peanut butter and enjoyed this PB burst peanut butter on our trip.

My daughter enjoyed snacking on the Love Grown Foods Power-O's cereal which I feel good about giving her as it is not too high in sugar and is made with beans and lentils. She also likes the IPS chips and the Good Cookie which has flax in it. I love snacking on almonds and these chocolate firecracker ones were great.

I have never tried bulletproof coffee but have of course heard a lot about it so I look forward to giving it a try!

3. Barbara's Cereal

I got this surprise package in the mail from Barbara's introducing their lower-sugar breakfast cereals. Though we do not eat cereal for breakfast too much, Adalyn does like snacking on it during the day and I like it for snacks sometimes. These products are whole-grain and have no high fructose corn syrup and are reduced-sugar. I am a fan of the puffins and for a treat, Adalyn has the snackimals cereals which have 7 grams of sugar per serving.

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