May 29, 2016

Get Out and Garden

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
During the summer, there is nothing like eating your own homegrown produce. I love the fruit from my parent's farm and the tomatoes from our own garden. We slice them up with balsamic vinegar and our homegrown super crunchy bell peppers. I can't wait to eat these!
We always grow our own tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. This year, I am trying to grow something new: basil! I love fresh basil and could eat it every day It’s perfect for Caprese salads, pesto and just chopping up some fresh basil in salads. I can't wait to enjoy my own homegrown basil.
Adalyn got some super cute gardening tools from my sister for Easter. We had to make sure to try them out on Plant Something Day, so I had Adalyn help me plant basil. It was simple to do and a fun family event. This was our first time gardening together!
I remember when I was very pregnant with her, I had so many tomatoes to use before they went bad from our garden. I canned about 50 jars of homemade salsa. I was a crazy, nesting woman at that time. Ahh, memories!
We had a blast on PlantSomething Day so now I’m encouraging you to get out and plant something. If you have not grown your own produce yet, you will love it! It is not the act of gardening that I love but the delicious produce that you get from gardening.
Gardening can actually be very simple and fun. We use woodchips to help eliminate weeds because that is my least favorite part of gardening. For this project, we used some fresh soil that we just bought. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

If you know me, I am very sentimental about special time spent with my daughter. I was so impressed that she could water all of the plants and help with digging the dirt at just 20 months old! I love this girl.
After I do my planting, I like the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day®. The products smell great, and I love the different fragrances, all inspired by plants you would find in your own garden. We have been using this brand for years because they clean really well. I especially like the glass cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's products are made with raw materials whenever possible and materials from renewable plant resources including corn, palm, soy, olive and coconut.
To buy your own Mrs. Meyer's products, visit their site and when you make a purchase, they will donate $5 to the American Community Garden Association on your behalf (towards a $10,000 donation)- May 9th to June 15th.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®.

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