May 27, 2016

8 Tips for the Best Summer Ever

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8 Tips for the Best Summer Ever
By February or so each year, I get sick of winter and look forward to the warmer summer weather that is to come. Summer is my favorite season of the year and it always seems to go by too fast. Therefore, I make sure to pack in as much fun as possible each summer. It has been a cold April here in Michigan- about 25 degrees colder than the average which makes me long for summer even more.

These are my tips for making it the best summer ever!

Grilled Salmon Chopped Greek Salad

1. Fire up the grill

Nothing screams summer more than firing up the grill so at least a few times a week, we make sure to cook our dinner on the grill. We make anything from pizza to chicken to grilled peaches and much more.

Try these recipes from the grill:
Grilled salmon chopped Greek salad
Grilled honey lime spicy chicken kebabs
Grilled romaine buffalo chicken salad
Tofu panzanella salad

A little part of our summer 2016 bucket list!

2. Make a summer bucket list

Each year, I make a document of everything that we want to do that season. Since summer goes by so fast, this helps us to stay on track to accomplish everything that we want to before the summer is gone. We always include lots of park trips, trips to the zoo, different concerts, trips to my parent's farm and more. On a day that you don't know what to do, choose something off this list!

3. Eat seasonal produce

The summer has the best fruits and vegetables so make sure you eat lots of them when they are in season. Not only are they good sources of fiber, vitamins and minerals but they also taste great. Take a trip to a u-pick farm where you can pick your own berries, grow your own garden or take a trip to a local farmer's market to pick up the season's best produce. My favorites are homegrown tomatoes, fresh picked peaches and strawberries.

4. Go on daily walks

Walking is a great form of exercise and it is one of my favorite things to do. Most evenings, my husband, daughter and I go on a walk together. It feels so good to get some fresh air and to move our bodies.

5. Wear sunscreen

One of the biggest downers of summer is getting a bad sunburn. It hurts, it is hot and then your skin may eventually peel. I hate sunburns! Before a day outside, make sure you lather up with sunscreen. Now that we have a child, I am extra good about putting on sunscreen because I never want her delicate skin to be burned.

6. Visit a local pool or splash pad

One of the biggest things on our summer bucket list is to visit as many pools and splash pads in Michigan that we can. Thank to awesome local Metro Detroit blogs, we have a great list that we will be working through. Swimming is a great form of exercise and the perfect thing to do on a hot day. Even though Adalyn was under 1 year old last summer, we visited 7 splash pads and she loved running around and having fun in the water.

7. Reunite with family

The summer is a great time to have family reunions and get togethers. I cannot wait for this summer to see family that we have not gotten to see in a while. We plan to have a big family party at our park again this summer which is a lot of fun!

8. Strength train

For me, it is the most fun and easiest to stick to cardio exercise but strength training is so important for being strong and feeling your best. I need to be able to carry a 25 pound toddler around everywhere so lifting weights is important to me. I like to take a pair of hand weights outside on a cooler morning and follow a little weight lifting routine.

9. Take care of your health

The summer is a great time to make sure that you are up to date with your health. Since Troy is a high school teacher, the summer is the time that he books all of his appointments to get out of the way before the school year starts. This includes a yearly physical, blood work, a trip to the dentist and anything else that is necessary.

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