August 09, 2016

Adalyn's Almost 2 Year Old Update

Wow, somehow, I have not written an Adalyn update since she was 18 months old! She is now 22 1/2 months old (she turns two on September 20th) and I figured that I would share an update- mostly so I do not forget the fun things going on with her at this age.

We have been absolutely LOVING summer. We go the park or pool almost everyday. We have taken a couple vacations and trips to my parents farm. Pretty much just having fun every single day. Troy has been home with Adalyn since mid-June since he is a teacher and he adores his time with her. Every day at work, he sends me cute pictures of Adalyn. I am so, so lucky to have a husband who is an incredible dad.

Here are some of the things going on with Adalyn:

-Of course, she still loves to eat. Favorites include: all kinds of fruit, cherry tomatoes, cheese, cake, pizza, tacos, eggs, yogurt, chips (which she always tries to steal from our cupboard), broccoli, ice cream, popsicles and a million other things. She asks for snacks all day long and eats about as often as I do- which is a lot! She gets up in the morning and asks for tacos immediately. Today, she asked for eggs and sausage!! She's a hoot.

-Adalyn is super loving and loves to give kisses on the lips, eskimo kisses and hugs. She can say "love you" and does the sign language sign for "I love you". Melts my heart every single time.

Adalyn and "Hop"
-She loves my grandma so much (Busia or "Bosha" to her). She asks about her all day long and wants to constantly see pictures and videos of her. She also loves Hop (my dad), Babci (my mom) and Aunt (my sister) so much and always asks for them. She loves being held by her grandparents so much. She gets so excited to see all of her grandparents and asks about them all the time.

-She runs all day long. She loves to hold my hand and say "GO!" "run" and "stop". We recently went to see my sister's boyfriend run and she loved saying "Go Joe!".

-Loves to dance and is starting to shake her butt. She loves going to outdoor concerts and dancing with her dad and grandparents.

-Can count to 20 in English, 10 in Spanish and knows all of her letters. She knows now to say each color but when you ask her what a color is, she just guesses random colors at this point. We are working on this!

-When you ask her how many of something she wants, she says "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" and sometimes "4, 4, 5" "4, 4, 5".

-The answer for everything is "no"- typical toddler. She does not like being asked to pick something up and often throws a tantrum. She hates having to take a nap or go to bed. She loves to hide when we want to get her dressed or want her to do something.

-Bedtime routine- ~7:30, Troy changes her diaper, reads a couple books, brushes teeth and puts her to bed. We use her pacifier, white noise and fan right now.

-She loves animals so much. Her favorites are dogs, cats, bears, giraffes and monkeys. She knows all of the animal sounds and many of the animal names. She loves going to petting zoos where she can pet animals. She loves to hug and kiss goats.

-She asks to watch a show often but we only allow her about 1 per day. She loves Curious George and Barney. She says "Show. Monkey. George.".

-She asks to go to the pool and park all the time. When she goes to the park, she loves playing with other kids and holding their hands. At the pool, she likes to jump in while holding our hands. She is a fish. She loves the beach and playing in the sand. When we go on a trip, she learns so much. It is amazing to see her learn right before our eyes.

-She talks all day long and has well over 200 words. She picks up things so quickly- Troy and I cannot believe it. Out of the blue, she will say a new word that we don't even know how she learned it. Some of my favorite words that she says are "HAMBURGER"- screamed just like that, "kwi kwi"- kiwi, "quack quack", "running" and more.

-She loves to talk on the phone and has her own made up conversations. When I ask her who is on the phone, the answer is almost always Hop- my dad.

-She loves to dress up in our sunglasses, shoes and clothes. She can put clothes on herself- in a funny, upside down way usually.

-We started a bit of potty training without success. Right now, we are just focusing on getting her comfortable with sitting on her little potty.

-She gets shy when she sees people she doesn't know well and they talk to her. She warms up in about 10 minutes. She loves all of her cousins who are kids.

We love our girl so, so much! She will be two on September 20th. I am not like most parents who are so sad that the baby stage is gone. Watching Adalyn grow up is the best thing in the world to watch and being her mom is my favorite thing. We love you Adalyn!

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  1. I can't believe your sweetie is almost two! Geez, I remember seeing newborn photos of her on your blog! She is a beautiful child and its' obvious she has parents who love her.


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