August 23, 2016

5 Tips for Getting Out of the House with a Newborn

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On the day after we got home from the hospital with Adalyn, we went grocery shopping. Many people could not believe that I was brave enough to take Adalyn out on her third day of life but I figured, why not? If she was fussy, we would just leave. Plus, we needed to run some errands! We always made sure to bring a diaper bag (with Huggies diapers) but that was about it. But, I have some other beneficial tips to share to help you get out of the house smoothly with a newborn.

Troy went back to work when Adalyn was a week old and that day, her and I went to run some other errands. From the beginning, we got out of the house with our newborn baby and continued doing this through now. It is not always easy getting out of the house with a baby but for my mental sanity, it was very important to do so. Also, I had stuff to do!

These are some of my tried and true tips for getting out of the house with a newborn:

1. Leave right after they are fed

Adalyn was on a 3 hour "schedule" for the longest time with nursing and what I would do is feed her and then leave right after. This allowed us the longest time possible out without having to feed her. If I had to feed her, I would just go in the car or a dressing room- no big deal. She would often sleep during part of our errands.

2. Don't worry if the baby cries

I think that every parent (especially every first time parent) worries about what people think when they are out in public and their child cries. They are worried that other people may think that they are a bad parent or that they may be upset hearing a baby cry. You know what? Who cares! It doesn't matter what anyone thinks and most of the time, if someone looks at you, they probably just feel for you and your baby. They may have had young kids at one point and can understand. We are constantly learning with this one.

3. Bring an extra outfit (for you and baby)

I cannot tell you how many times that I wish that I had brought an extra outfit in our diaper bag. When your baby is a newborn, their poop is liquid and often sneaks up the back of their outfit. Adalyn spit up for 9 months straight and constantly needed a change of clothes. I remember being out at a restaurant with a poopy baby and no extra clothing- not good! Also, it is helpful to bring an extra outfit for mom since you may get spit up on, peed on or pooped on. Sad but true!

4. Give yourself plenty of time

If you have to leave the house at a certain time for something such as a doctor's appointment, allow yourself plenty of time to get out the door. Especially in the beginning, it always takes longer than you think. Maybe you need to do an extra diaper change or the baby NEEDS to be fed ASAP! Giving yourself plenty of time will lower your stress levels.

5. Bring a well stocked diaper bag (loaded with diapers)

The number one thing to bring along on your trip out with baby is diapers! If you are gone for more than an hour, there is nearly a 100% chance that a newborn is going to need another diaper. When Adalyn was tiny, we loved the Huggies Little Snugglers Plus which come in size 1 and 2. Starting this month, they will come in newborn sizes as well.

Now that she is in a bigger size, we like the Huggies Little Movers Plus which we pickup at Costco (and are sold exclusively there). They come in sizes 3-6. They are the most absorbent diapers from Huggies- hence the "plus" name. They have up to 12 hour protection and are great for babies on the go. The Huggies Little Snugglers Plus are $37.49 and will be $31.49 after a $6 discount and free shipping from 9/1-25. The Little Movers Plus are $42.99 and will be $36.99 after the discount and free shipping. 

Especially in the beginning, you go through diapers like crazy so make sure that you have a ton on hand, always! These diapers are high quality and are a pretty good price. Find out where to buy these diapers here.
We also would bring burp cloths, wipes, a changing pad, a pacifier, a blanket and maybe a baby toy or two in our diaper bag. We ended up loving a backpack style diaper bag the most because it is a lot easier to carry than a purse and has lots of compartments for storage. 

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    1. Leaving after they are fed is a great tip! I would always get ready first so that I could walk out the door right after they had been fed. #client


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