August 20, 2016

Upgrading our Summer with Upper Peninsula Waterfalls

About a month ago, I took one of my favorite trips that I have ever taken. I brought along my sister, husband and daughter and we drove about 6 hours up north to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We have been talking about doing this for literally, 9 years and finally made it happen. We figured if not now, then when? I planned the trip to the UP and we had such a great time.

We stayed in Munising, MI which was close to a lot of the falls. We started not too far into the UP at Tahquamenon Falls. These were must-see falls because they were big and beautiful and had an upper and lower falls.

Then, we ended up getting a little lost and missed our next falls which was okay because Adalyn needed a nap so we checked into our hotel. After a nap, we set out for more adventures. One of our very favorite falls was one that is not a # 1 tourist destination but was really fun because you could walk and hike right through the falls was Wagner Falls. We wore our water shoes and walked right in the falls. Adalyn loved this so much.

We went to about 8 other falls through the trip which was so amazing. Every single one was so different and had different features that we loved. Some were so huge and amazing to hear the large amount of water falling. One, you could walk right behind.

Another favorite was Au Train falls because it was made of little layers of sheetrock and we could walk all over them. I had never seen falls like this before. Munising Falls and Miner Falls were also incredible. It was literally a trip of a lifetime and I cannot wait to return one day!

Instead of taking a little trip like we may have in the past, we just bit the bullet and took the trip we really wanted. It was an upgrade for sure! It may not have been 5-star restaurants but it was the most beautiful nature that I had ever seen in my life.

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