September 28, 2016

How We're Getting Ready for Baby #2

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How We're Getting Ready for Baby #2
With Baby #2 on the way, on my mind is everything that I have to get ready. It will be a lot easier getting ready for this baby because we have most of the things that we need. We have the crib, the rocking chair, the bouncer, the rock and play, etc. When I was pregnant with Adalyn, I was overwhelmed because we were starting from scratch and I felt like we had so much to buy/ask for on our registry.

This time, there is less that we need but still, there are some things that I have bought/plan on buying to get ready for baby #2 in the beginning of April. If you know me, than you know that I like to get a good deal. I never want to overpay for anything and love couponing, shopping clearances, etc.

1. Diapers

Of course, you need a zillion diapers for a baby. I wish that I cloth diapered but we do not so therefore, I pay a decent part of my paycheck towards diapers haha. We are not brand specific and have lots of brands that we like including store brands. The Parent's Choice diapers from Walmart are super inexpensive compared to other brands and work well. I like the Pamper's Swaddlers for the newborn size.

2. Burp cloths

Our burp cloths are well loved and I want a new pack of those thick white burp cloths since we go through these like crazy.

3. Bottles

I know we lost some different bottle parts so I will get some new ones for baby 2. We like the Medela ones that you pump right into.

4. Bowls

I love these bowls with the curved sides which make eating simpler for little eaters. They are affordable at Walmart. We have been using these for over a year and just picked some new ones up.

5. New pump parts

My number one most dreaded thing about having a new baby besides sleep deprivation is pumping. I am seriously dreading it!! I pump twice a day at work and it sucks but I do it for my babies. After reading all of the benefits of breastfeeding, I have to do it. Breastfeeding and pumping is tough. Sorry, just being honest! Anyways, I need to buy new tubes, suction cups, etc. for my pump.

6. Clothing

If the baby is a girl, I do not need too much but since Adalyn was born in September and this baby will be born about the beginning of April, I will need some different sizes. For example, Adalyn was 9 months-12 months old for her first summer. This baby will be 2 months-5 months for their first summer. If the baby is a boy, obviously I need to buy everything since we have nothing for a boy. The second that I find out the sex, I cannot wait to start getting the baby's clothes together.

7. Nursing pads and bras

In the beginning, there is leaking and I have learned the hard way that I definitely prefer the disposable pads. My nursing bras are shot and I plan to buy some new ones.

WubbaNub Brown Puppy

8. Pacifiers

We finally kicked the pacifiers with Adalyn at about 22 months old and she slept with one for every single nap and night time before that. I will be stocking up on a few more pacifiers this time around assuming that this baby will like them.

9. Double stroller

I love to walk every single day with Adalyn and know that I will do the same with our second child. I want to go high quality with a double BOB stroller but I don't know if I will be able to bite the $500+ bullet!

Swiss Apple Chicken Casserole is simple to make and loaded with creamy Swiss cheese, fresh apples, butternut squash and celery for a hearty and delicious family meal!
This Swiss Apple Chicken Casserole would be perfect! Recipe coming soon.

10. Freezer meals

Before Adalyn was born, I made a couple meals for the freezer. I thought that I would have more time but with nursing, needing naps, rocking the baby and blog work, I found myself not having a lot of time to cook (or the desire to). This time around, I plan on cooking a ton before the baby is born and freezing it to make for super easy meals.

Most of these products that I plan on getting/have bought can be found at Walmart. I find myself there often for blog projects and especially when Adalyn was little, I did a lot of baby shopping there. I remember getting her organic baby oatmeal there as well as millions of diapers. We buy some of her basic shirts there because they are inexpensive since they seem to get stained up after one use (my kid is a crazy eater). I love that they have good deals on baby stuff which can be very expensive.

Walmart is the perfect place for finding affordable baby products. Their prices are often lower than their competitors. Also, look for sales and clearances. I have found baby items for just $1 on clearance. Their Parent's Choice diapers are so affordable compared to many other brands (trust me, I priced them out on my calculator right in the store haha).

Walmart is making changes in their baby department focusing on brands, space, innovation and price. They are changing the look of the baby department, making prices low and making sure that they have a variety of products. They even have a Baby Box subscription service where you can get free delivery of stage-relevant product samples sold at Walmart delivered right to your door.

Walmart also has a new, exclusive car seat by Evenflo called the Sensorsafe Titan Convertible Car Seat. It helps prevent heatstroke in the car and alerts the driver when the child unfastens the chest clip. I seriously want to try this car seat.

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  1. I'm having opposite genders in opposite seasons. Luckily a lot of my son's onesies are gender neutral. My sister in law donated a lot of clothes to me and we bought some from a local mother.


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