September 23, 2016

Our Start with Potty Training

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Tips and tricks for how we are potty training our toddler.
Don't worry, there will not be any gross pictures in this post! Haha. Adalyn just turned two and a month or two ago, we started a bit of potty training. We are nowhere near potty trained right now but I wanted to share our experience so far and most of all, ask for tips for potty training a toddler.

It started when Adalyn became interested in us going to the bathroom. I pulled out her princess potty that we had waiting for her for nearly a year. I knew that she may be ready to start learning about the potty because she wanted to see us go to the bathroom and would say "pee pee" and such about going to the bathroom.

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Adalyn's favorite potty training treat: Mom's homemade peanut butter and jelly fudge. Recipe coming soon!
We started talking up going to the bathroom on the potty and how big girls go on the potty. I know that this is not necessarily the best method in the world but I told her that she would get a treat if she went on the potty. Adalyn is obsessed with food just like her mom so I knew it would work if nothing else would.

The first few times, she was so scared to sit on her little potty. She would tell us that she was going poop (or we could see that she was) and we would run with her to the potty. It kind of freaked her out and she wanted to get up right away. To teach her to sit still on the potty, we read books to her the first few times. Then, we had to stop that because she wanted to sit on the potty (even like 5 times during dinner) just to be read to.

She went #2 on the potty twice and we were so proud. At the moment, she tells us that she is not going even when she is so I'm not sure what the next step is. I am just trying to encourage her that it is normal to use the potty and not scary and that she is such a big girl for going on there. One step at a time I suppose!

She definitely knows when she is going so I know that she is at least partially ready to be potty trained but I don't know where the fear is coming from. Also, we have a great potty book (that even has a flusher on there that makes noise) that she loves and I think helps her get used to going on the potty.

We recently started using the New Pampers Easy Ups which can be purchased at Babies R Us. They are so much easier than a diaper for potty training because you can get it off and on so much quicker and with potty training, time is of the essence! Before, we were using diapers because for some reason, I didn't think of getting these kind of training underwear and I am so glad that we finally tried them.

On average, potty training takes about 90 days to master so I do not feel too bad yet! These Pampers Easy Ups look and feel like real underwear and have leak protection. They are easier for your toddler to pull on and off themselves which can be the hardest part with potty training.

Now, at Babies R Us, you can get some great deals: From 9/12-10/13 you can get 2 for $18 Pampers Easy-Ups Jumbo packs which are usually $9.99. From 10/14-10-29, you can gets the Pampers Easy-Ups Super Packs which are usually $25.99 for $24.99. Also, there is a Twitter party with Pampers & Babies R’ Us Wednesday, September 28, 2016, at 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. PST/ 2:00 P.M. EST – 3:00 P.M. EST.

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So friends who have potty trained their kids before, please share your best tips for potty training as well as the age that you started potty training/the age they were fully potty trained.

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  1. I have found using a reward system is helpful and being consistent.

  2. I took the quiz and got all the questions right.

  3. I used a lot of encouragement and small treats for success.

  4. We haven't started yet but the reward system is probably the first method we will try.

  5. We are grandparents now, but when our children were young, if they woke up in the middle of the night, I would put them on the potty, which usually worked pretty well. They were usually half a-sleep, so they didn't seem to mind. Also first thing when they woke up after their their afternoon nap, I would encourage them to use the potty, which (for our kids) seemed to help a whole lot to try get the point across. I don't remember doing the reward thing, because then I would think they would want to expect something every time they went on the potty. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom, patience, and love, as you are going through this challenging task. Pray with your husband for your child, that you both can work together on this , and that your child will pick this up quickly. The power of prayer is going to be the key to your success!

  6. My daughter is 16 months, so we haven't started yet, but I'm already nervous about it!


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