October 19, 2016

Products Adalyn's Been Loving Part 7

B. Toys Toulouse LapTrec

1. B. Toys

I fell in love with B. Toys long before we even used them. I was at my friend's house when Adalyn was a couple of months old and I saw the music set she had for her daughter from B. Toys and I thought that it was the coolest looking set ever. I instantly went to their website and checked out what else they had to offer. We got the Wee MD set and it is one of Adalyn's very favorite toys right now. She loves to give us shots, medicine, check our ears/hearts/knees, etc. It is the perfect doctor kit for kids and comes in the most fun colors.

B. Toys Baa Baa Barn
For our review, I requested the Toulouse LapTrec and it was the best decision ever. Adalyn loves drawing on this so much and takes it everywhere in our house, in the stroller and in the car. It has nice padding on it so it is high enough on her lap and is very comfortable. I love the animals for making different animal shapes. The very best part? No mess! And no cleanup! This busy mom loves it. The perfect toy for my two year old.

B. Toys Baa Baa Barn
We also received the Baa-Baa-Barn which is also a huge hit. My parent's have a farm and Adalyn loves going to "Hop's Farm" as she calls it so this set went over so well. She loves putting a ball down the silo and watching it go down. She loves the colorful animals and I find them all over the house. Both of these are honestly great toys for toddlers and B. Toys is one of my favorite kids toy brands.

Earnest Eats Oatmeal

2. Earnest Eats Foods

Earnest Eats sent us a variety of different snacks and breakfasts to try and Adalyn and I are both fans of them. I personally love the oatmeal such as the Superfood Blueberry Chia which heats up quickly and is ready in no time. Just top with peanut butter and breakfast is ready to go!

Earnest Eats Oatmeal
The Bliss, Thrive, Spark and Beam are part of a 3-day reboot to help you feel your best!

Earnest Eats Bars
Adalyn loves to eat different bars and loves these from Earnest Eats. She seems to like every flavor. They are wheat-free, vegan and have 4 grams of fiber.

Coromega Omega-3 for Kids

3. Coromega Omega-3 for Kids

Adalyn loves taking vitamins and as a mom and dietitian and am always making sure she gets the nutrients that she needs. Omega-3 is a very important nutrient that many people do not get enough of. I like giving Adalyn these gummy vitamins with omega-3 for nutrients. She loves taking them. The single serve packets would be good in a smoothie to ensure that kids get the omega-3 that they need.

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