November 02, 2016

10 Must-Do Holiday Bucket List Items

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10 Must-Do Holiday Bucket List Items
For Halloween, it was so, so fun seeing Adalyn get excited for the holiday all month. She saw pumpkins around and shouted "HALLOWEEN!!". We read Halloween books, went to lots of fall events and of course, dressed up in many costumes. Now that Adalyn is a little over two, she is starting to understand the holidays a lot more than the last two Christmases and I am extremely excited to spend the holiday season with her and create tons of new traditions and celebrate the family traditions that we have done for many years as well.

This is my must-do holiday bucket list for my family:

Breaking bread at Busia's house!! Can't wait.

1. Traditional Christmas Eve

Since I was small, we have had the same Christmas traditions for Christmas eve that are so important and special to us. It involves going to my Busia's (Grandma) house, having a Polish dinner, breaking bread (a Polish tradition) and going to church. I love it and experiencing it with a child is even better.

2. Get a Christmas tree

We are so lucky to be able to get a fresh Christmas tree from my parent's farm that my Dad prunes and plants new trees regularly. It is fun to walk or ride the tractor out and pick out a tree.

3. Decorate for Christmas

Last year, we waited until Adalyn  was sleeping to decorate because she was too young to help and just wanted to pull all the decorations down. This year, I can't wait to put on some Christmas mustic and decorate the house. 

4. Dance to Christmas music

Adalyn loves to dance and I know that we are going to have fun listening to Christmas music.

5. Drink hot chocolate

Adalyn has only drank hot chocolate one time and she loved it. I look forward to having a cup of hot (or warm) chocolate with her this season.


6. Breakfast with Santa

In our area, there are a couple of breakfasts with Santa planned and I look forward to going with Adalyn. Last year, she was terrified of Santa and cried when we gave her to him!!

7. Look at Christmas lights

There is one huge house in our area that does the craziest Christmas lights and I can't wait to see them all displayed!! My sister's boyfriend also lives by this area that has the biggest light display in the state and I have never been so I can't wait!

8. Read tons of Christmas books

I recently went to a book sale at our church and honestly, bought about 25 different Christmas books. I got some that are religious to explain to Adalyn the real reason for the season, some about Santa and some about snow and winter. I can't wait to cuddle up and read some of these books by the Christmas tree.

When we read, I love to have Adalyn cozied up in warm fleece pajamas. My favorite ones (and the only ones she wears) are from Carter's. They are affordable and have tons of patterns. We have Christmas pajamas that she will wear as well as these adorable sister pajamas I had to get. Since Adalyn is due to be a big sister April 2nd, 2017, she is super excited and asks to wear anything that says sister. When I saw these pajamas, I had to buy them for her.

Carter's has tons of super cute holiday pajamas and outfits. I love their holiday dresses. We especially love their holiday cardigans, We have a cream one with gold trim and a sparkly red one from Carter's which are perfect for the holidays. I especially love Carter's clothes because they are affordable. These pajamas were just $8. 

Their items are always comfortable and not itchy or anything for Adalyn. Carter's has Black Friday deals that I will be on the lookout for including a "Dash in to Win" sweepstakes that will provide promo card to the first 100 people in each of their stores. Check your store to see whether they have this promotion going on.

I also picked Adalyn up some new slippers which have dogs on them. She will love these for Christmas!

9. Make cookies

I am not much of a baker but I will try!

10. Attend holiday events in the area

We have some fun events downtown Detroit at the beginning of December and we plan to go to that and possibly a fun light show at our zoo. I will be on the lookout for all fun holiday events.

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