November 01, 2016

Testing Your Water at Home

I drink a lot of water. Honestly, I probably drink about 10-16 cups of water a day. I love to stay hydrated and find that I seem to be thirstier than the average person so I end up drinking a lot of water over the course of a day. Since I also enjoy exercising, I know that that contributes to me needing more water.

Testing my water at home for different issues!
The first time I went to the doctor this pregnancy, my OB/gyn told me that I need to make sure to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Little did he know, I am pretty much the master of drinking water.

Lead and pesticides test.
How I get my water is from the tap. I do not drink bottled water. I do not use a special filtered system to drink water. I simply turn on the faucet and refill my water bottle whether this is at work, home or elsewhere. I do not believe in buying bottled water (unless it is for a party of something when I will pickup a case). I know that my city tests their water frequently and I have even read the reports about testing the water to ensure that it is safe for consumption.
I was sent a couple of complete water analysis test kits to try out from which I was excited to try out to ensure that my water is safe. This test currently retails for $30 each and lets you test 10 different things at once. The results show up within 10 minutes (except bacteria which tasks 48 hours). This is what is tested: lead, bacteria, pesticides, iron, copper, nitrates and nitrites, chlorine, pH levels, alkalinity and water hardness.

I had a ton of fun testing my water (seriously!!). It was like a fun science experiment like the kind I used to do in school. All of the tests were really easy to do and did not take much time. My water was negative for lead and pesticides. My water is not hard, did not contain iron, chlorine, nitrogen and only contained a small amount of copper. The tests are really easy to read as well. You just line up your test strip on the paper and read it by looking at the colors.

I feel really good that I know that my water is safe. I have one more test to do which I want to do at my parent's farm to test their well  water.


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  1. It is for this reason that we have a filter on our faucet and a pitcher in the fridge that carries filtered water. I drink a lot of water too as I have had kidney stones before and it was awful.

  2. We too have a filter on our faucet. It is a Aquasana Live Healthy (Under the counter) water filter. I too am a big water drinker, and have done a lot of research on this subject. My husband states "Our coffee tastes "so" much better!" And we know we are getting much healthier water!


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