November 30, 2016

35 Healthy Kid-Approved Snacks

Healthy snacks for kids including fruits, vegetables, dairy, whole-grains, protein and treats! Written by a registered dietitian.
Adalyn is a big snacker. She always has been. We are finally getting to the point where she can understand us saying, no snacks, dinner is in 20 minutes but man, she will ask us twenty times for a snack sometimes haha. As a dietitian and mom, I am always thinking about nutrition for my child. It is really important to me for her to eat an overall balanced and healthy diet with a variety of foods and nutrients.

From a young age on, we have exposed Adalyn to every food we can think of. She loves kale, broccoli, beans, olives, etc. If we are eating something, she is too. No special meals around here! When it comes to guidelines we follow, we aim for lots of fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, full-fat dairy products and healthy protein sources. We do allow sugar and junk foods sometimes, but not everyday. At a party, of course Adalyn can have dessert. But that does not mean that snack time everyday is cookies and chips.

I am big on getting kids to try different foods. I believe that this starts from a young age on. Eating a variety of foods in front of the child is important too. If mom is just eating pizza everyday, of course the child may only want that too. If mom and dad are eating salads loaded with veggies with their meals, chances are the child may want to try those healthier foods too.

These are some of the snacks that we serve to Adalyn in our home and she loves:


-Grapes, halved
-Oranges, especially clementines
-Pouches of fruit and vegetable blends
-Fruit bars- ones made only of fruit and/or vegetables with no added sugar
-Dried fruit- apple chips, banana chips, raisins, dried cranberries, freeze dried blueberries
-Basically every single fruit she eats and loves!

Salad is so delicious! Haha


-"Big carrots"- whole, unpeeled carrots are a favorite snack in my house. They are so perfect for on the go too because you do not need to cut them up and they can be un-refrigerated for awhile.
-Bell pepper slices
-Cherry tomatoes
-Celery sticks (with peanut butter and raisins is a favorite)
-Cucumber slices with hummus
-Broccoli with dip

These Easy Protein Bars contain only 7 ingredients and take 5 minutes to make. Super tasty and much more affordable than store-bought bars!


-Bread with peanut butter
-Different kinds of bars- ones made with oats, different nuts, seeds, fruits, etc.
-Whole-grain cereals
-Whole-grain crackers
-Homemade muffins


-Greek yogurt- the pouches and squeeze tubes work best for on-the-go
-String cheese, sliced cheese
-Smoothies with milk

This simple Grilled Vegetable Hummus takes 10 minutes to make and is a delicious snack or appetizer! Customize with your favorite veggies and spices.
Gimme all the hummus!


-Nuts- **If you give a child any nuts, make sure that they can chew very well and watch them carefully. Adalyn just started eating nuts at 2 years and 2 months old- she saw my dad do it and had to do it herself
-Peanut butter or almond butter


-Trail mix
-Animal crackers
-A sweet potato chip or two
-Whole-grain crackers

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