February 24, 2017

Bringing Home Baby Product Guide 1 + Giveaway

With our second baby due so soon, it is time to start talking about all things baby (plus regularly scheduled recipes and nutrition posts of course!). I want to share with you some of the baby products that I am loving. Some are brand new to me so we will be trying them out with our baby boy and some are products that we loved for our daughter. Hope you enjoy this new mini-series which will post every Friday for the next several weeks or so!
Freshly Picked Moccasins

1. Freshly Picked Moccasins

We absolutely love Freshly Picked Moccasins. We used them all the time with my daughter. I prefer them in the smaller sizes such as 1-3 before baby starts walking because they do not need hard soles then. They are high quality and slip on so easily which is so helpful when life is crazy with a baby. I love these moccasins for baby #2 and I cannot wait to put him in them!

**Keep reading for a Freshly Picked and Baby Shusher giveaway!!

Freshly Picked moccasins
Adalyn seriously wore these almost every single day for a long time and I love choosing colors that are simple and match with many different outfits such as these. These Zion colored Freshly Picked Moccasins are perfect and I know that our boy will get a ton of use out of them. These shoes hold up well with tons of wear- they do not fade quickly like some other cheaper made brands.

2. Zutano Baby Boy Clothes

We have always been huge fans of Zutano Baby clothes. I have fond memories of Adalyn being 3 days old and wearing her first Zutano Baby pajamas with owls on them. It was her first time out of the house besides the hospital so I think of this fondly! 

Zutano Baby Clothing
Another Zutano outfit that I think of with lovely memories is Adalyn's zoo outfit when she was about 10 months old. It was super cute with animals all over it and she wore it a million times every time we went to the zoo.

Zutano Baby Clothes
I was sent some super cute outfits for baby boy. I love the newborn pajamas and look forward to putting him in them. What I am most excited about is the outer space outfits because my husband is an earth science teacher and that is one of his passions. I love matching baby clothes to Troy and I's interests! So cute. When baby gets a little bigger or when the weather is cold, the Zutano booties are awesome!

Baby Shusher White Noise

3. Baby Shusher

We have used white noise for my daughter for the last two years and 4 months and she still asks for it on a nightly basis and at nap time. She asks us for the "fan on, noise on, music box on and owl light on" along with 10 more hugs and kisses each time. It is super cute and when planning for baby #2, while I do not need a ton of baby gear items, I knew that I would need another white noise machine. 

Especially with our kid's walls touching, I knew that they would both benefit from white noise to help them sleep. We take kid's sleep very seriously because sleep deprivation is awful. We are loving this white noise so far. It lasts from 15-30 minutes and Adalyn has been trying it out. We plan to use it for baby #2 once he is born.


The giveaway will be for one pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins (cannot have won another Freshly Picked contest in the last 60 days) and a Baby Shusher to one winner
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  1. I would love to give these as a gift to my daughter.

  2. Would let you know which ones I would pick if the link was clickable...... love thm for my grands! frogz60@hotmail.com

  3. The Painted Plaid moccasins are my favorite.

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  5. I love the Ferns and Flora moccasins. Thank You for the chance!

    Fiona N

  6. I love the Melon Sorbet super cute color.


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