March 27, 2017

5 Tips for Getting Back on Track

Even as a dietitian, I have times where I get off track with healthy living. I eat poorly, don't drink enough water, miss sleep and skip exercise. Pretty quickly, I end up feeling poorly and then I know that it's time make some changes to get back on track. I am all about feeling my best and when I do not feel well, I put these changes in place to get back to feeling 100%.
Grilled Chicken Salad with Creamy Mango Vinaigrette is ready in 15 minutes and is full of flavor. Topped with fresh mango, strawberries and blueberries along with grilled chicken, onions and asparagus.
Grilled Chicken Salad with Creamy Mango Vinaigrette

1. Add nutrients

Instead of focusing on cutting back on foods, I make my main focus to add nutritious foods to my diet. This may mean adding a huge handful of spinach to my smoothie in the morning to ensure that I get enough vegetables in my day. This may mean having a piece of fruit for a snack. Or it could mean adding a big salad to dinner. Just by adding nutrient rich foods to your diet, you will start to feel better and it will help to get back on track.

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Green Mojito Smoothie

2. Limit sugar

I'm not talking about counting grams of sugar and going on some crazy diet but when I get off of track with eating well, one of the main things that I do are eat too much sugar. Holidays especially often bring an abundance of desserts and we often get sent home with lots of goodies. I tend to eat them for several days straight and then I notice myself wanting more and more sugar through the day. I notice that when I cut back on sugar, that is when I start to feel better. Just swapping that dessert with a more nutritious option can help.

3. Stay hydrated

There is nothing that will make you feel less on track then being dehydrated in my opinion. When I am dehydrated, I feel irritable and I also often want less healthy foods than I should be having. I make sure to always keep my water bottle by my side and fill it up many times through the day. 

I also love herbal teas to get back on track. I notice that many times while I am at work mid-morning, early afternoon or in the evening at home, I want to mindlessly munch on junk even though I am not hungry. Sometimes, just making a cup of flavorful tea is satisfies whatever craving I am having (if I am not actually hungry) and helps keep me away from less healthy foods. 

Creamy Bacon Potato Soup is tasty with flavors of bacon, cheddar cheese, green onions, carrots and celery. Made lighter with milk instead of cream and Greek yogurt for a hearty yet nutritious meal!
A healthier creamy potato soup- recipe coming soon!

4. Limit eating out

Most restaurant meals have a ton of fat, sugar and/or salt which leave us feeling less than our best. By stocking up on nutritious foods at home, it is easier to limit eating out. Meal prepping can be very helpful in limiting eating out by having yummy options on hand that save you time during a busy week. Cook chicken in your slow cooker, roast some vegetables, chop ingredients for a salad, make a big pot of soup or make whatever will help you want to eat out less.

5. Add in spurts of exercise

You knew that I had to mention exercise with getting back on track, right? A healthy diet and exercise go hand-in-hand and when you eat well and get some movement in your day, you can get back on track quicker. I love to add bits of exercise into my day without doing one huge workout. I like to lift a few minutes of weights in the morning, walk around the neighborhood by work during my lunch hour and take my daughter and dogs on a walk after work. By adding these bits of exercise through the day, I end up feeling much better- not only physically but mentally as well!

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  1. I have been wanting to try this new tea. I think the blackberry and cinnamon looks heavenly. And you are so right about #4. It's an easy crutch for dinner, but it's best to cook your own meals so you know exactly what the ingredients are. #client


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