March 30, 2017

Getting Ready for Spring- Baby and Toddler Edition

Getting Ready for Spring- Baby and Toddler Edition
With the change of season, it is time to put away the heavy coats, hats and gloves!! Time to put away the boots, heavy sweaters and zillions of layers. While it has been a mild winter here in Michigan compared to how it usually is, I am still beyond ready for spring! I get so excited to switch everything to lighter spring and summer clothes and items. There is less bulk and more super cute outfits and more!

These are some of the things that I do to stock my daughter's room (and in a few days, my son's room) for spring and summer:

Ice cream date with my girl on the first day of Spring!

1. Bring out all the spring clothes

I like to shop ahead of time at the end of each season where I get clothes for super inexpensive. Shorts, hats and flip flops can often be found for around $1! Doesn't get better than that. I keep these in storage bins sorted by sizes and pull them out when it is time.

Those boots (which Adalyn LOVES) were just a few dollars at a mom-to-mom sale!

2. Shop mom-to-mom sales

Take inventory of what you already have and buy what you need. I love shopping mom to mom sales because you can get the cutest name brand items for much less. I recently got Polo Ralph Lauren button downs for our baby boy for just $1! These kinds of deals make me super excited. Type in your state name or city name plus mom to mom sale to find some in your area.

3. Get out the summer gear

Bathing suits, sunscreen, swim floats, life vests, beach toys- it's about time to pull them out! Whether you are going on a vacation or staying locally, you will most likely find uses for these summer items that you may not use year-round.

4. Plan your summer activities

I love having a running Google Document where I keep all of my fun summer ideas for days that we are looking for something fun to do. Some of these include going to the zoo, local parks, walking local trails, day trip ideas and more. You know as well as I do that the summer flies by so quickly so make sure that you plan out some fun must-do activities.

5. Pack your diaper bag

I know that personally, we go places a lot more in the summer than in the winter. Therefore, we need to have our diaper bag (I prefer a backpack) ready to go at all times. I stock it with lots of diapers for baby boy, wipes, pacifier, change of clothes and books, toys and snacks for my daughter.

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