April 21, 2017

Bringing Home Baby Product Guide 7 + Giveaway

HouseHoldWords Vinyl Decals

1. HouseHoldWords Vinyl Decals

I had to wait to post this review until after baby boy was born because I was not ready to reveal his name until then! For some reason, I did not realize how large this decal was until it arrived but am very happy with it. It covers the entire length of Oliver's crib and looks great. It took Troy and I about 5-10 minutes to put on which is nothing. It went on easily and I love the font and clean white color.

**Keep reading for a HouseHold Words decal giveaway!!
I also chose a couple of items for my sister and sister-in-law who just each bought a house. My sister chose a small door decal which she is happy with and my sister-in-law chose a family tree which will look nice.
Suit Up Peanut Etsy Shop

2. Suit Up Peanut Etsy Shop

I love this personalized burp cloth from the Suit Up Peanut Etsy shop! These would make a great gift for a baby shower. I am obsessed with the "olive you" onesie since our son's name is Oliver!! My daughter and I love olives and I love the play on words. These are very soft and nice quality. I love the cute sayings on the shirts from this shop! There is something for everyone.
Audrey's Bear Swaddle Blanket

3. Audrey's Bear Swaddle Blanket

When Adalyn was a baby, we tried out the blankets from Audrey's Bear and fell in love. I love the stretchy material, custom fonts and colors. For Oliver, I chose this apple green color which is the color of his room and of course, his name on it. I do prefer the blanket that we were sent for Adalyn because the print was on both sides and one of these sides are blank. The blanket is soft and I will be taking tiny pictures of him swaddled in the blanket!


The giveaway will be for a beautiful HouseHold Words Farmhouse Wall Decal to one lucky winner!

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