May 12, 2017

Easy Ways to Add Essential Vitamins and Nutrients to Your Diet

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Eating a healthy diet is the best way you can make sure your body is getting enough of the essential nutrients and vitamins. It can be tricky trying to keep a running list of all of the most beneficial nutrients and making sure you eat enough of each top food source. A better idea is to get into a routine that includes a few specific food items or ingredients on your plate. This way, you can experience all of the advantages of having plenty of sources of energy. Here are the easiest ways you can get your daily dose of vitamins.

Eat Raw Fruits and Vegetables

One of the best sources of vitamins and nutrients in your diet is through eating fruits and vegetables. To get even more benefits out of your fruits and vegetables, try eating them raw instead of cooking them. For some varieties of produce, you can get more nutritional power if you keep them in their natural state. That means eating them with the skin on or raw.

Pick Fresh Over Canned or Frozen

Another way to get more out of your fruits and vegetables is to choose fresh varieties more often than canned. Frozen is a great option as well. Aim to pick items that are grown locally and in season to avoid any extra preservatives. Check out your favorite farmer’s market in your area to get the best selection for your plate. Look for an assortment of items in a rainbow of colors to get all of your recommended daily vitamins and minerals.

Make Sure Perishables Are Stored Properly

It’s also important to pay careful attention to your storage options for your perishable items, such as produce, fresh meat and dairy items. These types of items have a limited shelf life, but you can learn some ways to extend your grocery store items so they don’t go bad quickly. It may be better to buy a few items at a time several times per week instead of making one weekly trek to the market. Additionally, setting up your refrigerator and pantry to have ideal conditions for your favorite fruits and vegetables may help you get more for your money.

Eat Healthy Fats

The ingredients you use in combination with your main sources of vitamins and minerals also make a difference. When you want to cook ingredients, it’s best to use healthy fat including plant-based oils, such as olive oil or sunflower oil, make great healthy pairings for a meal that is wholesome and delicious. It’s best to find out which oils also include beneficial nutrients to make your menu even healthier.

Drink Your Nutrients

If you’re short on time, you can also consider blending your ingredients to make a delicious smoothie for a snack. This way, you get a convenient method of getting your recommended daily vitamins. There are plenty of popular smoothie mixes and premade drinks available on the market for healthy snacks. Learn more here about some of the options.

Consider a Supplement

If you’re feeling sluggish, another option is to consult your doctor about taking a vitamin supplement each day. Most people should be able to get all of their daily nutritional requirements through their diet, but in some cases, you may need an extra dose of a nutrient.

Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

To take advantage of all of the benefits of your freshest ingredients, you’ll need to plan your menu ahead of time. Each week, make a plan for all of your dinners, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your family. If you pack your lunch each day, you can even find ways to make delicious meals that are not only nutritious but easy to grab and go.

Track Your Eating Habits

The final piece in getting more vitamins and nutrients out of your food is to keep track of it. You can easily do this if you download a free app that calculates all of the nutritional content of each item you eat. Some apps make it easy for you to simply scan the barcode or enter the quantity before you put it on your plate.

Getting more out of the foods you eat is possible if you focus on choosing items that are packed with vitamins and minerals. You can make a menu of tasty items that are healthy and convenient if you follow these helpful tips.

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