Friday, May 12, 2017

The Best Products of 2017 Part 9

D. Liles Collection Dresses

1. D. Liles Collection Dresses

I think that I have the girliest girl in the world. She loves dresses, lipgloss, fancy shoes, jewelry and more. And she is only 2! Every day when we get home from being out, she loves to put on fancy dress up dresses and pretty dresses in her closet which she has named "beautiful dresses".

D. Liles Collection Dresses
I was recently sent two super cute dresses from D. Liles- the Hannah and Chloe dresses. They are classic and beautiful. I love both of them so much and I plan to use them for our newborn photos that we are getting of baby boy. Stay tuned!

D. Liles Collection Dresses
I love dressing Adalyn in creams and neutral colors, especially for pictures for a classic look. These are well made and look amazing on. I actually have almost the same dress as Adalyn so we did a little photo shoot together wearing the dresses. 

D. Liles Collection Dresses
I am very happy with the dresses from D. Liles. I would buy more of them in the future.

FitSnack Box

2. FitSnack Box

You know I love trying different snacks and this month's FitSnack box was a fun one. I enjoyed the Purely Elizabeth granola and puffs cereal. It is fun that it comes in little cups for an easy snack or breakfast at work. These would be great for keeping in my desk. I also liked the Rise Buddy basked rice snacks for a salty treat. The Bricks bars are perfect for my daughter who loves this type of snack.

IFME Shoes

3. IFME Shoes

Last year, we fell in love with IFME shoes for my daughter and she wore a couple pairs of these over and over last summer and fall. I was recently sent a couple of pairs for her to try and think that they are adorable. The best part- she can completely put them on herself. This is so helpful for me! 

IFME Shoes
I chose the Happi shoes in purple flower shown in the first photo. My daughter says that they are comfortable and they are great for her to run around in.

IFME Shoes
We were also sent the Playa shoes which are perfect for summer. Adalyn is the queen of wearing no socks so these shoes are perfect because they work well without socks. They are like a mix between a sandal and a tennis shoe. Both pairs of shoes are made well and the last pairs that we had held up well and then she grew out of them.

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