June 03, 2017

Oliver's Newborn Photos

When Oliver was 6 days old, we had a photo shoot with local photographer Amanda Armitage. I heard great things about her work and had seen her photos over the last couple years and always loved them. When I was pregnant with Oliver, I contacted her first because I knew that she would do a great job.

Amanda was extremely professional and clearly skilled at what she does. She was amazing with toddlers and newborns. She knew how to pose Oliver just right and very gently so that he did not wake up so that we could get awesome photos. She also knew how to bribe my toddler with candy so she would actually look at the camera and not frown  haha ; ). 

I am very happy with how the photos turned out and got them printed on three different canvases around my house as well as printed and put in some frames. 

Oliver was an angel during the shoot and was like a little model- much different than Adalyn who cried and pooped her entire newborn shoot! I would highly recommend working with Amanda Armitage for newborn photos and would work with her again in the future!

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  1. Those pictures are amazing! My favorite is the last one.


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