July 20, 2017

The Best Products of 2017 Part 17 + Giveaway

Melissa's Produce

1. Melissa's Produce

I love working with Melissa's Produce because they have such unique kinds of produce. I was sent some lychees, finger limes and dragonfruit to sample. Adalyn and I are the biggest fruit fans and had so much fun trying these. I love the finger limes because they taste like little limes and have little balls- kind of like caviar. How fun!

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I especially enjoyed trying the dragonfruit- check out my photo on Instagram to see how it looks on the inside. I got one that was white on the inside and another that was bright purple. They are actually super easy to peel and fun to eat. They do not have a ton of flavor though but they sure are pretty!

2. Lassig bags

My little baby is starting school in the fall- I can't believe it! I was sent these super cute bags from Lassig for her that I know will be perfect for school. I love this tiny backpack which will be perfect for toting her stuff.

We will probably use it all summer as well for going on all of the little trips that we take. The lunchbag is perfect as well for taking snacks places or her lunch.

I like the placemat because Adalyn now sits at the table right with us- not in a high chair. She sits in a booster seat but is of course messy so we like having a silicone placemat down to protect the table. This one is too cute!

3. Overnight Oats by Dave's Naturals

I've been a fan of Dave's products for years now. I love their fresh organic red heirloom pasta sauce. My sister is the biggest fan of the Dave's Burning Nuts. My whole family has fun trying these and no one in my family can tolerate the heat except for my sister. I had one nut and my mouth was on fire. My sister can seriously have a handful at once- she is nuts!!
Overnight Oats by Dave's Naturals
Dave's recently came out with new overnight oats which I love. I am a big fan of overnight oats, especially in these hot summer months when hot food does not sound good. I like the blueberry vanilla almond while Adalyn loved the apple nut. They are full of good-for-you ingredients including chia seeds for fiber, protein and omega-3's. You just add milk and leave them overnight in your fridge and enjoy the next morning. So easy and delicious! They are now being sold on Amazon so check them out.


4. Degustabox

I love my monthly Degustabox so much! I have been having fun trying all of these different products. Here is what I thought of the items in this months box: I loved both of the kinds of popcorn from Wise, especially the Cinnabon which my two year old and I "fought" over! They were the perfect size in the little packages for a snack while I was working. I share the Cookie Thins with my family during a summer outdoor concert and we all liked them. I typically prefer soft cookies but these were very good too!

I have only tried one kind of RXBar in the past and really liked it. I look forward to finding them in-store and trying another flavor. I especially enjoyed the Kala beans. They are crispy, curry flavored snacks that were similar to snacking on peanuts. I loved the flavor and that they were a protein and fiber loaded snack. Also, we go through olive oil like crazy and this one from Goya is perfect for cooking with. Great box!


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  1. Unlike everyone else I like to stay inside in the nice cool air conditioning in the summer as much as humanly possible. I do not like the heat, to be hot and I have a bunch of outdoor allergies. Bring on the snow for me.

  2. We like to spend days at the lake and go to the spray park they have during the summer!

  3. Relax where it us cool! Have BBQs!

  4. My favorite thing to do in summer is go on the family boat!

  5. My favorite thing to do in summer is to pick vegetables from the garden.

  6. Too hot here in the Summer, so I hide inside with air conditioning. Here in the land of the sun, the other seasons are the fun ones!!

  7. We love to go hiking in the summer!!~

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  9. I work 3rd shift so I would say my favorite thing to do in any season is sleep.

  10. My family participates in disc golf tourneys. Thank you


  11. Go to the beach and swim and hangout

  12. We love geocaching year round but we do it so much more in the summer!


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