July 21, 2017

The Best Products of 2017 Part 18

Cruzee Balance Bike

1. Cruzee Balance Bike

I have been excited to get Adalyn riding a bike for awhile now. She is almost three and we just got her one with training wheels and she is not quite there yet- I thought she may be able to use it but pedaling is too much for her at this point. When Cruzee offered to send me a bike, I wasn't sure because we had just gotten her bike with training wheels. They convinced me to have her give it a try with their confidence about their product.

The bike is super lightweight and only weighs 4 lbs. Compared to most bikes, this is super light! I can't believe the difference between lifting this and another bike. A balance bike does not have pedals but helps teach balance and riding skills. It is beneficial for a kid to try a balance bike because with a bike with training wheels, kids will lean to one side and do not learn balance and they are heavier making it harder to pedal long distances. They are also higher off the ground with a bike with training wheels. 

Adalyn is very excited about her new bike and has been enjoying using it for short distances. Honestly, she is a kid who prefers to walk and run everywhere and has pretty great endurance for her age doing this. She likes using it for a short period of time but then wants to "run crazy with my doggies" as she says. I hope to be able to convince her to like biking more this summer. It is so lightweight and small that you can bring it everywhere without it being a big deal.

FitSnack Box

2. FitSnack Box

Typically, I am a dark chocolate person but after trying the Nutiva classic hazelnut spread, I decided that I like the classic version over the dark. It is so delicious and is great on a banana or on pretzels. Adalyn is a fan of the Rise Buddy snacks. We have tried many of the flavors and my favorite was the original version. I am going to give my dad the Fawen soup because he is the biggest soup fan and loves beets. I was not a fan of the texture of the Amsety bars but Adalyn liked them.

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate

3. Alter Eco Chocolate

I do not eat chocolate often because it is not something that I usually crave except for Alter Eco chocolate. I love the truffles so much that it is one of the only brands of chocolate that I eat. I love the salted caramel truffles the most and the dark mint is good as well. These make a delicious treat that is high quality.

I was sent some of their dark chocolate bars that I had not tried before. The salted almonds was my favorite because I love nuts in chocolate and am the biggest salty and sweet fan so this bar was great. These products are organic and fair trade. I also love this brands rice and quinoa.

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