September 05, 2017

Oliver Richard 5 Month Update

This boy is smiling, laughing, rolling over both ways, eating, loving his sister and much more! Life is good!

Clothing size: 3-6 and 6 months clothes

Diapers: size 1

Weight/Height: 14 lbs, height-not sure but this boy is growing!
Avocado is the bomb mom!
Feedings/Sleep: I started Oliver on a tiny bit of solid food mostly because I was excited for him to try food. He hasn't tried more than a tiny, tiny bit of anything but here is what he has had so far: cooked plum, avocado, lentil, black bean, lemon, tomato in vinegar. He just got to try a tiny bit of what we were eating and he has loved it all. I would say that his favorite was the lemon- really, he didn't even make a face.

I am still breastfeeding every 3-4 hours during the day. We are trying to drop Oliver's dream feed of having a pumped bottle at about 9:30-10 but both times we tried to do it, he woke up in the night so we have been scared to. Right now, he sleeps from about 7:30 PM to about 7 AM with just the dream feed in between- I am so proud of him! He wakes up in the night sometimes but we just give him his pacifier and check on him and he goes back to sleep within a few minutes.

We have been all over the place this month: Traverse City, Troy's cousin's house up north and the farm and he has done amazingly well sleeping anywhere in his Rock 'N Play. He is not being swaddled anymore and just sleeps with a light cotton blanket over his waist, with a pacifier (which usually comes out and he sucks on his two fingers) and sleeps in his crib or Rock 'N Play. He struggled with the 4 month sleep regression a bit and I was feeding him in the night for about a week period. Then we decided to let him fuss a bit and check on him but not feed him. Luckily, he started sleeping well again.

Each 3-4 hour cycle during the day, he wakes up, is fed, plays for about an hour to an hour and a half and then goes back down for a nap and the cycle repeats until bed. Sometimes, it is hard for him to go down at night and we check on him a few times to help soothe him to fall asleep. Both of my kids have had to cry themselves to sleep- no amount of rocking or anything makes them fall asleep. We feel bad but it is the only thing that works for my kids.

-Adalyn loves spending time with Oliver. She can quite literally take care of him when he is fussy. She will sing to him, give him his pacifier, say "it's okay Baby Oliver, don't cry, Adalyn is here". It is adorable!

-His hands and feet are his best friends- he loves looking at them and sucking on them.

-When we put him down on his playmat, a couple of minutes later, he will be in a totally different spot. He rolls over and scoots around. He can rollover both ways.

-Like I said, we did a ton of traveling this month and Oliver did so well with it!

-He laughs and smiles all day long. Everyone tells me that I am so lucky and I know that I am.

-After a lot of work and 3 years of being broken, my dad fixed his Oliver tractor and we had a super cute photo shoot at the farm of Oliver on the Oliver!!

-Loves holding toys- especially crinkly ones that make a lot of sound. If I hold one in front of him, he can easily reach for it and grab it every time.

-He has been drooling like crazy which makes us think that teeth are coming sooner than later.

-He is great at standing with assistance. He loves bouncing in his jumper and can stay in there for 45 minutes.

-He loves looking at people's faces and being held by everyone in the family. He is a social guy just like his dad and sister (mom is a little more quiet).

This has been the best summer with my two kiddos and husband and although I am sad that it is over, I know that we can have a blast year round when we are all together!

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