October 12, 2017

A Day in the Life

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of INVIA. All opinions are 100% mine.
I am so very excited to write this post because in my 7 1/2 years of blogging, never have I written a day-in-the-life post. I have had it on my list of posts to write about for a long time but am just getting around to it. The hard part of writing a day-in-the-life post is that no two days are the same. Blogging tasks vary a ton each day for me and so do household chores and parenting tasks. Some days, we go out and do things and some days, we get things done around the house. I will write this post about what we did yesterday and will try to hop back on really soon to write about our lives to give an example of a different day.

So here we go! A day-in-the-life of The Hernandez Family:

6 AM- Troy's alarm goes off and we both get up. I head down to the computer to get to work before the kids get up and he goes and gets ready for work. He lets the dogs out and feeds them. I answer emails and start writing a blog post.

7 AM- Troy leaves for work and Adalyn is up! I help her with going to the bathroom and then we go and get Oliver who is just hanging out in his crib waiting for us. I feed Oliver while pumping and reading Adalyn a book- I think that I need an extra hand!
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7:30 AM- We go downstairs and make breakfast. Today, it is peanut butter and jelly overnight oats.

8 AM- We go back upstairs and get all three of us ready for the day. Adalyn of course chooses a dress as always.

8:30 AM- Laundry time! We were recently out of town and had a bunch of laundry to do so I folded three large loads of laundry and put everything away. I also unloaded the dishwasher and hand-washed pots and pans.

9:30 AM- Read a bunch of books to Adalyn- she loves to read! We go outside and draw with chalk. Oh! It's time to feed the baby again.
10-11 AM- Adalyn watches part of Moana while I do some blog work. I get hungry and need a boost of energy so I make myself a quick smoothie with INVIA for focus and energy- just mixed berries, INVIA and milk. Easy peasy! It tastes good and gives me some of the energy that I need to keep going all day long.
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11 AM- I wear the baby and we all go on a walk with the dog as well. We go to the back of our church in the gazebo and say a prayer.
11:30 AM- Time for lunch- We often have snack plates with cheese, lunch meat, veggies and fruit. Or we have leftovers or something that I whip up quickly.

12 PM-3 PM- Adalyn takes a nap and Oliver takes a nap part of the time. I feed him at about 1 and play with him for awhile. The rest of the time is busy, busy, busy with lots of work. 

Caramel Apple Ice Cream is a healthier take on traditional ice cream and is made with Greek yogurt, kefir, sauteed cinnamon apples and a drizzle of sweet caramel! www.nutritionistreviews.comToday, I shot a recipe for Healthy Caramel Apple Ice Cream which turned out so well! I edited the photos, wrote the post, and replied to some emails.

3 PM- Adalyn wakes up and we play in the backyard for awhile- she got a playground for her birthday so we don't have to go far for swings and a slide! 

4 PM- Troy comes home! We wait outside for him and wave to him when he drives in. Adalyn gets in to drive into the garage with him for fun. We chat about our days. Oliver jumps in his jumper and loves it. Time to feed Oliver again.

4:30 PM- Troy goes outside to cut the grass. I decide to go through all of Adalyn's toys to organize everything and realize that it is a much bigger project than I anticipated. 

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6 PM- Dinner time! I made Mini Loaded Black Bean Burgers which were easy and super delicious. Paired with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. 

Adalyn, Troy and I all enjoyed these while Oliver had a spinach/carrot puree that he loved.

6:30- Family walk outside- this is one of my favorite times of the day because we all just get to be together and talk. We come back and Adalyn plays with her new doll house which is a hand-me-down from her cousins. 

7:30- Bedtime for the kids- Bathroom, teeth brushing, pajamas and book for Adalyn. For Oliver, diaper change, pajamas, nursing and bed. With Adalyn, it is always at least a 20 minute process going to bed: she needs 1000 kisses and hugs, her owl light on, music box on, fan on, a toy, etc. etc. We give our last hugs and kisses and leave the room.

8 PM- Troy and I get to spend some time together! We almost always watch a show together in the evenings and hangout. Our favorites lately are GLOW, Shameless and Orange is the New Black.

9:30- I go up in bed and read blogs and stuff on my phone. Lights out by 10 PM usually. Troy stays up until at least 11 watching shows, grading papers and planning his lessons for the next day and feeds Oliver a pumped bottle.

That was our day! It is kind of a typical day but our days really do vary so much which is what I love about our lives. I get super bored if we do the same things again and again and crave variety so we make sure to switch things up.

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